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Galena Cellars is right next to the flood gate next to Route 20.

First, it’s a Huntley School Board member saying that Tea Party participants are prone to toss Molotov cocktails at Federal buildings.

I thought only radical left wingers were trying to scare people away from events like the legislative forum being held by the new Huntley Tea Party next Monday night at the Park District’s Cosman Cultural Center.

Now what has appeared is private label Sheriff Keith Nygren wine bottles from Galena Cellars. You can see the entire article on McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed, Zane Seipler’s blog.

White or red.

Grand Reserve White or Country Red.

Take your choice.

And, you will notice that there is a seven-pointed star.

Red or white wine bottled by the Galena Cellars. My wife likes both, but we've never had any private label.

On April 25, 2005, Citizens to Elect Sheriff Nygren bought $992.58 worth.  It for “campaign gifts.”

The seven-pointed star on the label is the same one in the article below. The one linked to above shows on an endorsement letter for Nygren’s choice to eject McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi from the office he held.

Here you see the same seven-pointed star on the wall just inside the entrance of the McHenry County Jail.

It’s the same seven-pointed star on the wall of the Sheriff’s Department at the entrance of the McHenry County Jail.

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa Merlo

One question being raised by Seipler in his request that a special prosecutor be named to investigation whether Nygren is using tax dollars in his campaigns for public office is whether the seven-pointed star is the official star of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department or his campaign star.

On his chest, Nygren wears a five-pointed star.

Sheriff Nygren is not the only one with a private label wine. We discovered that Eagle Ridge Resort has one, too.

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa Merlo.

It’s bottled by Rutherford Wine Company in St. Helena, California.


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  1. Mmmm….Not sure what you and Zane are going for on this one. So you are saying long known campaign expenditures to a wine cellar for campaign gifts were actually used to buy wine as campaign gifts? Really?

  2. AreYouKidding….Question, in your opinion, does the seven point star, pictured above, represent Nygren’s political campaign as an entity or does it represent the Sheriff’s Office as an official, county funded law enforcement agency?

    Remember, it can’t be both.

    Watch the deflect and swerve with this answer.

  3. The sheriff’s uses of county money to plaster his name and 7 pt. star on everything imaginable. County paid for property should not have a campaign logo on it. Started to pay attention in other counties and their properties and Nygren takes the cake. It would be hard to drive ten minutes in this county and not see his name on something. Watch out deputies and SO workers. The 7pt star branding iron is in the works. Cover your backside.

  4. Zane…who cares how many points on the star. Do you have any idea how widespread this “conspiracy” is. Google “sheriff campaign websites”… guess what, you will find hundreds of Sheriff campaign websites across the U.S. with stars of the same and different number of points used in campaigns. Are you attacking all of them and treating them all the same or are you only specifically targeting a former coworker for harassment? I’m not going to deflect at all, it’s simply a stupid attack made by a desperate individual that has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of law enforcement this county receives.

    Now if you have Nygrens signature on a speeding warning to someone who was actually only passenger in a car he pulled over, then I think you would be onto a real issue that would impact public trust and safety.

  5. “are you kidding” , are you a tool . The official sheriff emblem on bottles of booze.

    What’s next sheriff’s dept. rolling paper, sheriff’s posse crack pipe?

    My tax money (emblem) being used for this bozo to put on booze bottles so he and his cronies can get loaded and drive their county vehicles.

    It’s bad enough that the head bozo drives his county paid for tahoe with his wife in the vehicle against his own rules.

  6. I mean whats going to be the next “breaking story” to attack the Sheriff? Are we going to find out that campaign funds that were claimed to have been spent on campaign signs in 5 years ago were ***gasp*** spent on campaign signs 5 years ago? Oh and those signs had the Sheriff’s name on them and ***gasp*** a star?

  7. You guys are right though “you can’t make this stuff up”.

  8. Nygrens signature on a ticket?

    I guess you are kidding. He hasn’t done police work in decades.

    But it is hard to do law enforcement in mchenry county when you are in Florida.

    Maybe he could text in the ticket from his cellphone.

    Since it is ok to put the sheriff’s star on everything, I guess there is no problem if I put those decals on my personal car.

    Maybe I’ll use it on my new line of walrus beer. There is no “light” version of that beer. 100% blubber version only. Goes great when buying expensive dinners at Dunhill’s for out of town visitor’s with taxpayer money.

  9. There is supposed to be an official badge. That is the 5 point. How is a person to know if someone is really a deputy if the badge is not official. It is important. The badge and the symbol are an official and not to be confused with anything else. You do not mix them up. This is also misuse of taxpayer money.
    People DO care about the star. Any joker can come up with a fake star and use it then. This is dangerous. You cannot be THAT ignorant.

  10. I missed your answer to the question. It wasn’t a hard question. Should I use smaller words?

    Like I said, deflect and swerve. This is so much fun.

    Stay tuned, I will soon be posting Nygren’s signature. Then I’ll ask some more questions.

    I was looking for a new topic. First I have to beat the wine bottle issue to death.

    I see now that you are focusing on the warning. Very interesting.

    Do you have the same opinion of Asplund? Talk to her about what she did when you see her in the office.

    Martin Malin the arbitrator thought what she did was more egregious than anything I may have done.

  11. Do you have signs with the seven point star on them? I need those. Send me a picture.

  12. Fake star? Are you saying that perhaps someone could use this bottle of wine to arrest someone? Have you googled other sheriff campaign sites from around the U.S.? You have to work pretty hard to find one without some version of one of these law enforcement type stars on them. It’s a common practice and in this case all it appears to be is a made up petty issue by a disgruntled person in a labor dispute to personally harass a former coworker.

  13. Ummm no…Lol… Actually getting quite a kick out of this.

    It would be kind of like getting flustered by someone complaining about some one buying wine as a campaign gift from their campaign fund and then claiming they bought wine as a campaign gift from their campaign fund…I mean that would be just silly. It would almost be as silly as suggesting that a law enforcement type star on such a wine bottle was endangering the public because someone might use that bottle to arrest someone…lol…I mean this attack is almost as silly as those examples…oh wait!…lol…

    No honestly not frustrated. Just entertained by the increasing silly pettiness in these attacks.

  14. The Sheriff’s Office is a public entity, financed by the taxpayers of McHenry County.
    The recognized symbol of almost any law enforcement agency in the world is a badge. Each jurisdiction has their own unique badge. Some agencies badge is a star of some fashion.

    The badge of McHenry County is a five point star with an Illinois Seal and the words “State of Illinois”.

    This emblem is what represents the taxpayer funded law enforcement entity known as the Sheriff’s Office.

    Nygren, originally, for campaign purposes developed a seven point, gold star emblem with similar features as the five point.

    This star badge represents his campaign and his political organization.
    The wine, as a campaign gift labeled with his campaign emblem is not a problem.
    The problem still lies with two questions.

    1. Why is his campaign emblem plastered all over Sheriff’s Office property?
    2. How much money does the taxpayer pay to have Nygren’s campaign emblem plastered all over Sheriff’s Office property?

    The wine is just another absurd example of how this seven point emblem should in no way be representative of the government entity known as the the Sheriff’s Office.

    You might as well put a Budweiser beer decal on the bumpers of the squad cars. Same thing.

    Another question that should concern the taxpayers of this county;

    How much will it cost to remove Nygren’s campaign logo from the motorcycles, trailers, SUV’s, snowmobiles, marine boat, MARV, office windows, entrance ways, paperwork, office walls, business cards, etc., when he finally leaves office?

  15. At some point someone who cares about this guy really should step up and tell him his need for revenge has him attacking windmills not dragons. The scary thing is the guy who thinks he should only get a weekend off for falsifying tickets thinks someone else should be prosecuted, go to jail, and lose his job over how many points a star shaped decal has. The arrogance and lack of self awareness is astounding.

  16. Very – another name?? He should have gotten a weekend off because others in the department did the same and much worse. They are still there working with just a weekend off or no punishment. Pounding on that subject is stupid. Give it up.

  17. Asplund, Deputy Asplund. John Kelley said the name in open court.

  18. Interesting, so you guys are now complaining others did the exact same thing? Can you name one single officer who wrote a ticket or warning for speeding to someone who was actually only a passenger in a car they pulled over?

    Additionally you are incorrect to have claimed as fact I work at the Sheriff’s Department. Or to rephrase, that is untruthful. Or to use very small words to make it easy to understand saying that would be a lie. Or to use a an example that you may understand, saying I work for the Sheriffs department is as truthful as signing a document saying that a passenger of a car was speeding.

    Simply a citizen that is a bit disgusted by the public tantrum someone is throwing for getting caught being less than honest.

  19. Very – Maybe you need to read court transcripts to get the real story. More court info to follow. Be patient. Then you will really have some egg on your face.

  20. …awaiting with baited breath the evidence that other deputies signed documents claiming a passenger of a vehicle was driving over the speed limit….

  21. Still waiting on the evidence another deputy did the same thing and issued a speeding warning or ticket to someone who wasn’t driving a vehicle when they pulled them over….

  22. Hey “very delirious”, I think Zane already told you that the Sheriff’s dept. attorney stated in open court that Dep. Asplund had issued BS tickets to people that should not have received them. I believe they were insurance tickets (those are $750+court costs and a mandatory court appearance) to drivers who actually had valid insurance cards with them, instead of speeding tickets. You can purchase the court transcript from the courthouse if you need it officially. I’m told that Zane has Asplund’s entire personnel file with all the internal investigation documents about her suspension. Maybe after his civil suit those files will find there way into the blogosphere.

  23. Apples and oranges argument. Sure Zane can find others who have made mistakes and drag coworkers into his mess in pitiful attempts to deflect attention to his wrongdoing, that is hardly a challenge.

    I believe the challenge was to find another officer anywhere that was able to keep a job for giving a speeding warning and/or ticket to someone who was not even driving the vehicle.

    I think what this other Deputy that Zane seems obsessed with did was wrong, but at least she issued her tickets to the person who was actually driving the car she pulled over instead of some bystander. To me that is the major difference. It is unfathomable to believe that he does not even understand the difference between ticketing a driver and ticketing a passenger.

  24. Kidding and Curious….

    What happened to the other posters on here?
    All the “EVIDENCE” they were going to show………..
    When it gets off the front of the Blog they stop talking about it?

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