Looks as if Libertarians Will Be on Fall Ballot

An email from the Illinois Libertarian Party appears below:

Illinois Libertarian Party Statewide Slate Survives Challenge, Seems to Have 33,545 Valid Signatures

The Libertarian Party statewide slate of candidates in Illinois submitted approximately 45,000 signatures at the end of June, but the petition was challenged.  The “binder check” process is now complete and the party seems to have 33,545 valid signatures, well above the legal requirement of 25,000.

(Libertarian Party was required to get 20,000 more signatures than the Republican and Democrat candidates because of the inequity in ballot access rules that the sitting powers to be created.)

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Republicans will not be happy with that.

In 1998, when Jim Tobin was the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, the Chicago Tribune ran an article after the fall election documenting that Secretary of State George Ryan’s people were used to challenge signatures while they were on the state payroll. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald did not see fit to make that one of the allegations in Ryan’s corruption trial.

In 2002, the Libertarian Party petitions containing my name for Governor were challenged as well. After the election, I was told that State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka’s employees participated in the challenge while on being paid.

This year, Libertarians didn’t find any state employees, but did identify relatives of Republican Party gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady working on the challenge.

Needless to say, Republicans don’t want Libertarians on the ballot anymore than Democrats want Greens.

One other party that would drain votes from Republicans, the Constitution Party, is reported to be closer to the 20,000 required number.


Looks as if Libertarians Will Be on Fall Ballot — 1 Comment

  1. Where is the Libertarian press coverage? The average guy has never heard of most, if not all of the Libertarian candidates.

    Libertarians need to reach out beyond the tea-party meetings to achieve success.

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