Blagojevich Guilty

This cartoon is the Rod Blagojevich side of JimRod, the Two-Headed Chicken. A new message--"I'm guilty?"-- has been put in the balloon above this hapless creature's head.

Rod Blagojevich doesn’t understand how he could have been found guilty on any count, of course.

Ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich has won the Corruption Championship Blue Ribbon at this summer's Crook County Fair.

He is clueless.

But the governor who increased the state budget by $1 billion a year–with the complete cooperation of Democrats who control the General Assembly–instead of working the state out of the $5 billion deficit he said he found when he took office now faces jail time.

He has helped his county maintain the blue ribbon in corruption.

Of course, Rod will say,

“They found me guilty,”

rather than

“I’m guilty.”

= = = = =
Apologies to Crook County, Wyoming, the location of Devil’s Tower.

When we were getting our 1880’s pictures taken next to the KOA Campgound restaurant that served buffalo-shaped burgers, I saw the blue ribbon shown above. There was a sign in the trailer advising that photos were not allowed.

I asked if I could take a photo of the ribbon and was given permission.

The wife of the team asked,

“Don’t you have a Crook County in Illinois?”

I told her the official name was “Cook County,” but that I referred to it as “Crook County.”

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