Front Page Irony

The intended Chicago Sun-Times front page before the Rod Blagojevich jury delivered its verdict.

Failed politicians sometimes get rehabilitated.

From the front page coverage intended for former Congressman Dan Rostenkowski by the Chicago Sun-Times, you can see that bringing home bacon to Chicago and making deals with Republicans like Ronald Reagan was more important to its editors than his felony conviction for mail fraud.

Charges including stealing tens of thousands of dollars in unused postage money.

But, there was another front page in the Sun-Times today.

The real front page in the Chicago Sun-Times today.

It featured Rostenkowski Republican successor, Michael Patrick Flanagan, who was beaten by now-convicted felon Rod Blagojevich.

Rostenkowski and Blagojevich.

Bookends of representation.

One rehabilitated.

Will the other one be, too?

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