Lou Bianchi Holds Successful Fundraiser

In the “a picture is worth a thousand words” category is the crowd scene you see below of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s fund raiser at the Boulder Ridge Country Club.

The dining area of the Boulder Ridge Country Club could have held a few more tables, but Lou Bianchi's fundraiser was the biggest event I have attended at the venue.

Bianchi listed the financial accomplishments of his office, pointing to his predecessor’s expenditure on one outside attorney of “$2.8 million for employment cases alone.”

But, the highlight of the speech was his conclusion:

“In concluding, I have spoken about three ways we have saved taxpayers money,

  • our check enforcement program
  • out in-house attorneys and
  • those attorneys who work to save taxpayer money,

and I have introduced those attorneys who battle crime daily.

“Let me thank all those here tonight for their continued support for me and our office. Your presence here tonight is humbling and your appreciation is our payback.

“And, in my parting words, I want to remind everyone that I am not a career politician.

Lou Bianchi

“I ran for office

  • to do justice
  • keep the community safe and
  • to return the office to the people.

“And, despite any outside pressure or threats, I will continue to do that.

“I have kept my promises and, in doing so, I serve the people and those who put me in office.”

Bianchi is not on the ballot this year.


Lou Bianchi Holds Successful Fundraiser — 12 Comments

  1. It was wonderful. I have attended every one of his events and they always packed the place. Even in snowstorms two times.
    This was a larger room than they had in the past and it filled up.
    The support for this good man was wonderful.
    God bless you, Lou.

  2. Isn’t Lou a Republican? I was very surprised to see Mike Mahan, Democrat for Sheriff, present and working Lou’s fundraiser. Also, I saw Independent Sally Wiggins there. As a Republican, I was surprised to see opponents to Republican candidates working the room. I saw Ron Salgado introducing Mahan around the room. Also, noted that Zane Seipler was there. Cal, you had to take some picutres of Mike Mahan. Why didn’t you post with your story?

  3. Warning Sarcasm alert…

    Hey wait is Bianchi using the the official U.S. Flag as part of his campaign fundraiser? You have to be careful with that, when you have some disgruntled former county worker trying to make a federal case about the Sheriff using part of the Illinois state flag in his campaign efforts…I sure hope he isn’t using this official symbol of our country in any other campaign efforts or *Gasp* misappropriating it’s use as part of his campaign in one of those evil community parades…

    I mean if the sheriff’s dept. critics are truly aghast at the alleged use of the symbol off our state flag I can’t imagine their faux outrage at the use of such an official national symbol.

    End of Sarcasm alert…

  4. I don’t think it’s any surprise that the current anti McHenry County Sheriff’s Department crowd of Bianchi, Mahan, and Ziepler with all having roots in Cook County would be involved in a political fundraiser together.

    Certainly not surprising that Bianchi political operative and “part time States attorney employee” would be giving Democrat Mahan the handshake tour around the room. That probably tracks all the way back to when the Sheriff came out and warned the community about the fake “bullet proof vest charity” telemarketing scam calls that were going out to raise money for that private group that Salgado was involved with.


  5. To My “Curious” friend:

    Many fine and brave men and women died for the right of every American to “Show the Flag” at ALL respectful American events.

    Can it be said, that ‘men’ have died at the hands of Sheriff Keith Nygren, which would have earned him the right to ‘own’ our county symbols. (See center of Nygrens “Star.”)

    Can it be said……………..?

  6. It has been said that politics can make for “strange bed fellows.” McHenry County politics is no different. Strange bed fellows, indeed.

  7. “Earth Father” you are busted!!! Same bad spelling as “Curious”. Been watching this blog for quite some time. “Curious” I am thinking that earth mother is you nemesis (if you know what that means). She does seem to best you and rattle your cage. If using “earth father” makes you think you are getting back at her, I doubt she cares. You look like the fool!!!

  8. Bi curious- Trying to decipher what you are getting at but not really sure…Are you implying that if an official government symbol should only be allowed as part of a political campaign if you politically agree with them?

  9. Calzone,

    Where are those pics you keep promising of Ron Salgado, leading Mahon around the room at Bianchi’s fundraiser. Sandra Salgado (a Republican County Board member) related to Ron Salgado who managed the campaign of Tom Sanders when he unsuccessfully ran against Keith Nygren in the GOP primary for sheriff.

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