Bleepin’ Right I Want to Run Again

Rod Blagojevich on ABC World News Friday night after being asked if he would run for office again. I know it is hard to believe that Blago's head could be bigger, but, if you click on the image and it will get larger.

Well, that wasn’t exactly what he said as the hopelessly uninformed ABC World News news reader Brian Williams interviewed impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

When asked if he would ever run for office again, he said something like,

“No, if my wife is watching,”

but, when pressed, he said this:

“I’m not ruling out what I’ve done all of my life.”

Whoever briefed Williams before the interview failed to point out that once one is impeached in Illinois, the state constitution forbids one from seeking public office.

Before that flight into fantasy, Blagojevich said that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald tried to flip him, to get him to testify about someone higher in Illinois politics.

Williams asked if it were President Obama and Blago, uncharacteristically, demurred.

Might it have been House Speaker Mike Madigan or Chicago Mayor Richard Daley that drew Fitzgerald’s interest?  That is, if Rod’s assertion is any more truthful than his promises to testify under oath during the trial?

Williams, of course, led watchers to believe that Blagojevich was telling the truth.

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