Mike Mahon Works Lou Bianchi Fund Raiser

Keith Nygren leaving the 2009 Lou Bianchi fund raiser.

There were two 2010 candidates for McHenry County Sheriff at Republican State’s Attorney’s Lou Bianchi’s, but Republican incumbent Keith Nygren was not one of them.

You may remember I was arriving at last year’s event as Nygren was leaving. I asked him to stop for a photo, but he kept going, leaving me with this as my only image.

Oh, well.

This year, while some of Nygren’s fervent supporters were in attendance, the Sheriff was absent.

Probably just more evidence of

Republicans at War

Nygren’s Republican primary opponent, Zane Seipler, was at the big affair though.

Two of Keith Nygren opponents 2010, Mike Mahon on the left and Zane Seipler on the right, met at Lou Bianchi's fund raiser. Green Party candidate Gus Philpott and GOP candidate Keith Nygren absented themselves from the event.

So was Democrat Mike Mahon.  Gus Philpott, the Green Party candidate did not attend.

Democratic Party candidate for Sheriff Mike Mahon (left) and campaign supporter Matt McNamara (right) talk with State's Attorney Investigator and former Sheriff's Deputry Ron Salgado, his daughter, County Board member Sandy and his wife and Sandy's mother next to the bar.

Mahon worked the room, as the above photo near one of the bars, indicates.

There were other courthouse luminaries present, too.

Judge Michael Caldwell is greeting by State's Attorney Lou Bianchi.

Judges Michael Caldwell and Joseph Condon were sitting together.  Prominent family relations attorney Joe Gitlin from Woodstock and Edward Dean from Crystal Lake were among the attorneys there.

Dr. Anne Majewski

Former McHenry County Board member and long-time Barrington Hills Precinct Committeeman Lou Anne Majewski was at the same table as her precinct committeemen children Dr. Anne Majewski and attorney Jerome Majewski.

We had an interesting discussion about libel and slander laws, always important for a writer like me to be informed about and not bad information for others to be aware of.  I found out the statute of limitations is twelve months.

Nunda Township Republican Chairman Brent Smith was chowing down near the Italian food line.

Pretty much all the anti-Linda Moore Grafton Township officials, wives, employee and even attorney Keri-Krafthefer paid to attend the affair.  A couple were working the entrance table.  Krafthefer bills for contacting to Bianchi’s office and the Huntley Police Department about Moore’s actions. Ancel Glink contributed last year, too.

You can see some of Lou Bianchi's Assistant State's Attorney standing for their introduction here.

There were all sorts of Assistant State’s Attorneys in attendance, all of whom were introduced by Bianchi, as were his other staffers.

"Sticker Boy" could be this young man's moniker.

As I was leaving I spotted the person who was probably have the most fun.


Mike Mahon Works Lou Bianchi Fund Raiser — 34 Comments

  1. Cal, thanks for pics and story. You are right…Republicans at War. Pathetic! Even with their bitter feud, Bianchi should not openly support Democrat Mahan and host him at his fundraiser. The silent majority of Republicans support both Nygren and Bianchi and have no interest in their political feud. Lou is hurting the party with this. Long after Bianchi and Nygren, we need the SA Office and Sheriff’s Dept led by Republicans. We do not need to destroy our party because these two do not get along.

  2. I saw no indication that Bianchi was “openly supporting Democrat Mahan.”

  3. Brent Smith was there? Wasn’t he quite active in Dan Regna’s campaign?

  4. Salgado making political introductions for Mahan at the Bianchi fundraiser…Not really a surprise for the Bianchi political operative that makes more per hour as a part time “investigator” than many attorney’s that prosecute cases for Bianchi…

  5. Also seems like an interesting side note that Mahan gets huge donations from the CEO of a charity. Of course the huge donations come from the CEO’s “personal” funds, I mean if they came from the charity directly that just might be illegal.

    Isn’t Salgado the treasurer of that political elite “FOP” “Charity” group that reportedly used hard sell telemarketing calls to say donations would support Sheriff’s deputies and buy them bullet proof vests even though they did not buy vests and does not even allow any existing Deputies to join?


    Just strikes me as interesting that both Mahan and Salgado seem to benefit in such large financial ways from “charities” and here they are hobnobbing at the State’s Attorney’s big fundraiser. You have to just be amazed at Illinois and those with their roots in crook county politics.

  6. Giving respect to all here with a ‘voice………’ Isn’t all ‘this’ exactly what fuels our passion for and of ‘Politics.’

    We all read this blog, and thanks to Cal, whether or not you may or may not agree with him all the time, (and I’m insane,) so we must thank him for at least allowing us to ‘peek’ inside what is ‘truly’ going on in this process we hold out as truly American.

    Tell me all here reading this blog, don’t deny you enjoy ‘cracking open’ the bedroom door, just a weeeeeeeeee bit, to see who is sleeping with whom. ‘Politically’ speaking.

    We have to thank Cal for this opportunity which ignites our passion and need for Political fodder and ‘entertainment!’

    Interesting to say the least………everybody has valid points, and, should you allow yourself to accept the fact that our eyes are all shaded by various colors and means, you too will be reminded that in the end, its the regular folks who have no earthly idea of what “Posturing” has been taking place, who will make the “final decision.”

    The ‘Cast’ of characters for this 2010 Election cycle has been choosen. “Bed Fellows” are already submitting to ‘Candle Lite’ dinners and cocktails either dry or dirty.

    New ‘friendships,’ most of which, like many before them who appeared from ‘Beneath the Desk,’ will undoubtably, turn into nohting more than a ‘Stain’ upon a Campaign dress, placed back into the closet from which it appeared to begin with!

    Truth is, you need this blog! You need Cal Skinner and other bloggers, “For Your Entertainment!” For your “Fix!”

  7. Cal, watching Ron Salgado walk Democrat Mahan around and introduce him at Lou’s private fundraiser qualifies as Lou’s open support for Mahan. Lou should have asked him to leave….this Republican who supports both Bianchi and Nygren was disgusted by the sight.

  8. I don’t know what to say. If your will to throw the baby out with the bath water with such a blinded faith there’s no discussion possible. If there are two law enforcement entities who can work together for a better Mchenry County you should be glad. When your in trouble and call the sheriff you don’t turn away help because he’s of a different political party than you. And you don’t tell the DA not to prosecute some one who has caused you harm for the same reason. These officials don’t make policy they enforce the laws that the policy makers enact.

    It’s obvious that the soon to be ex sheriff doesn’t even remotely get along with present DA. Lou is the epitome of class and fairness if you respect Lou as you say and if he feels he can work with Mike better than the poster child for tyranny why wouldn’t trust Lou, and jump on board?

    I’m still in the dark on how some of you commenters think. Isn’t it time to elect the better candidate rather than a republican or a democrat.

  9. If we are talking better candidates, then Sheriff Nygren is clearly the better candidate. Nygren has served McHenry County law enforcement for 4 decades. He rose through the ranks to become police chief for McHenry County’s largest municipality, Crystal Lake. He has successfully served as Sheriff for 14 years. He is highly respected throughout McHenry County and Illinois. Mahon has never served as a police officer, nor has he been inolved with law enforcement in McHenry County

    Obviously, Pat, you and many others betray your personal agenda in calling Nygren a “poster boy” for tyrants. Didn’t work for Seipler, won’t work for Mahon. I can assure you that I will not jump on board wth anyone supporting Mahon against the better candidate and Republican, Keith Nygren. Ubfortunately, I predict Lou will regret this decision to break party ranks and support a Democrat.

  10. First of all earth dad, It’s Patrick secondly wasn’t the sheriff appointed to his position and the ran unopposed in the other elections. Most sheriffs in this country have never been police officers most do have law enforcement experience. That’s what’s important.

    43 years you say sounds quite old school I think most of us believe its time for nygren to retire and let some one younger with new ideas and strong experience and ethics to take over. Oh wait, hey that sounds just like a guy I know, Mike Mahon.

    Speaking of posters rip any down today? If not don’t worry the day is still young. Unlike your boss.

    Oh and by the way I don’t think Mike wants the narrow minded support you offer anyway.

  11. Calzone,

    Tom Sanders unsuccessfully ran against Keith Nygren in the GOP primary for sheriff.

    Let some one younger with new ideas and strong experience and ethics to take over.

    What are all these NEW ideas, Where is his experience as a Law enforcement officer. Has he ever worked on patrol? Dealt with anyone outside the settings of a correctional facility in Crook County? Someone with ethics? What has he done to prove to the people of McHenry County that he is not just another cronie From Crook County. The same guy that donated about $5000.- to the sheriff of cook county’s campaign, as an employee..

  12. Wrong again he had not donated 5000.00 to the sheriff of Cook County. Go back and look again Dart is now the sheriff. A lawyer who is doing a great job in the sheriffs office. You need to learn your verb tenses. And just so you know, running against someone in the primary isn’t the same as running against some one in the general election. Thats why one is called a primary and one is called a general election. But I guess when you vote the way your boss tells you it sometimes gets confusing.

    I find it interesting that people like Curious and Dad have a problem with Mahon being at a Republican event (attended by 325 people, by the way). Nygren openly supports Dem, Jack Franks and is on Franks breakfast fundraising committees. Althoff shares political booths with Franks. John O’Neill is a Republican running against Dem. Jack Franks and is Nygren helping him?? What Republicans doing to help John? Salgado was a gentleman and respectful to Mahon. Mahon was a guest behaved as a gentleman and deserved the respect as does Salgado. Dad & Curious seem a lot alike, don’t you think?? Shills. Looking for candidates with character.

  14. Thank you earth mother for pointing the hypocrisy of nygren republicans. By the way where was Jack when it came to the democratic events. It’s politics as usual in Mchenry County. Isn’t time for a change? There’s no question Mchenry deserves better I just hope the voters of Mchenry come out and make that change for the better.

  15. Michael F Sheahan, was the sheriff when Mahon recieved promotions….. Correct???

    Mike Mahon Donated to his campaign, while an employee for Cook County….

    The same thing that he says is wrong?? And he will now not accept donations from current County employees.

    Although he did accept a donation from a county employee, but I guess that’s different?

    Where are the ethics in the past?
    I bet it has a lot to do with being arrested for a DUI?
    Then you can tell everyone you are now a changed man and how ethical you are……

    Sois this how you think of things Pat? Everything that happens in the past is OK, as long as his name is Mike Mahon.

    So what is better for McHenry County? A crooked corrections officer from Cook County, with no experience as a Officer/ Deputy.

    Pat You have no idea who my Boss is, and I Vote what is best for the County.

    …………………………..Keith Nygren…………………………….

    My big question is Where is the Mike Tryon???????
    When will he step up and do whats best for the Republican Party, and Put the Bianchi Mob in their Place???????

  16. Well, we all knew this campaign would get dirty. Now, we have a Nygren supporter calling Mahon a “crooked corrections officer from Cook County…”
    Very sad… Sheriff Nygren has done many good things for McHenry County but what cannot be denied is that he has been around very little these last couple of years and Gene Lowrey ran the dept. All of us also know that Sheriff Nygren will hand the reins to another after a year or so.
    Do not kid yourself – a vote for Keith Nygren in November will ultimately lead to “persons unknown” for the County’s biggest law enforcement job.

  17. Mahon has done some pretty dangerous work capturing fugitives. Mahon is in shape and Nygren would have a heart attack trying to pass the fitness tests that Mahon does. Any police work Nygren has done in the early years and now is minimal. He never went to an academy to get training.

  18. There should be some important “key ” questions that Nygren, and his little

    need to explain. Lets start first with,…ok, Jose Rivera.

    Do you really want me to continue on with more questions ?

    Didn’t think so. Enjoy your retirement Nygren in Florida with Marge.

  19. You have to love the Mahon crowd….some voters criticize Mahon for some of his hypocritical “do as I say, not as I do” campaign finance issues and the Mahon gang basically replies by calling the other guy fat…You guys are all class…

    As for Police work the very large majority of the Sheriffs department work is in the Patrol division…Nygren has been a patrol officer and a patrol supervisor, in all the campaign research to date it appears Mahon has been neither.

  20. I used to love the old “Spy v. Spy” Mad comics. It appears we now have “Cop v. Cop” comics right here in McHenry County. Let’s face it folks, the Sheriff is a figurehead. The Sheriff doesn’t actually “do” anything except for setting office policy/procedure and to give a public face to the office, and neither of these faces are easy on the eye. Oh, I forgot to mention one other thing. The Sheriff does hand out a number of political patronage jobs re: court security, correctional officers, process servers, deputies etc. Frankly, both Nygren and Mahon are equally unimpressive. The people of McHenry County deserve better, but aren’t going to get it here. Choosing between the Bianchi clan and the Nygren thugs is like choosing between a stick in the eye, or lemon juice in an open wound. Both will lead to a nasty infection.

  21. Cal, for the record I did not “absent” myself from Lou Bianchi’s fundraiser. Nothing should be read into my not attending. It was Mr. Bianchi’s fundraiser, not one for any one else. My funds need to be spent on my own campaign.

    When I am elected Sheriff of McHenry County, Mr. Bianchi and I will work very well together.

    I don’t show up at someone else’s fundraiser to “work” the room on my own behalf.

  22. Yes proracer, after passing the testing process for Cook County, Mike was promoted under sheriff Michael F Sheahan’s tenure. And yes proracer, according to the d-2’s he did donate to sheriff Sheahan’s campaign, along with thousands of other people. Many gave more and many gave less. So can I deduce, from your logic, that all who gave to sheriff Sheahan’s campaign were promoted? It’s a shame you under mine all the correctional officers who studied and passed their test and worked hard for there promotions, by lumping them into a pay for promotion catagory.

    Lets try this again, I know you work for nygren so i’ll type slowly, MAKING a donation isn’t the same as TAKING a donation. Mr. Mahon said HE wouldn’t TAKE money from county employees, or companies who do business with the county.

    What county employee did he take money from? A friend he works with in Cook County. What you never bought girl scout cookies from someone you worked with? at least not without nygren’s permission. The donation certainly wasn’t from someone he who worked for him, like your boss gets.

  23. Well said Patrick. Go to http://woodstockadvocate.blogspot.com/ and read the article “Jailers become maintenance custodians”. See Richard’s comment. This is what happens at SO office when the workers refuse to be bullied. They get punished. Remember the article about corrections officers attending a Mahon event and the implied threat. This is how Nygren operates and good workers have HAD IT WITH HIM.

  24. Earth mother… I took you up on your offer and did read that piece at Gus’ blog. Did you read any of the comments? You should. There is more to the story than Gus’ blog. An explanation – I guess one would call it security concerns – for giving the control of chemicals to the officers rather than the prisoners is offered. That makes more sense than either “punishment” as you are the first to interject or budget cutting. The rest of this is all just so much political posturing – by BOTH sides. It does get tedious, doesn’t it. EM, take a deep breath and THINK before you post. You’ll stand a better chance of getting your point across if you don’t appear to be hysterical.


    Sorry, E Mamma, I have to agree with JAVWI on this…..the sky isn’t falling. I would imagine that jail inmates have little concern for tax dollars and waste or overuse cleaning supplies. Further, such cleaning supplies could be misused to attack someone or consume to induce sickness (and a vacation at NIMC). Certainly, a block CO must have been directly supervising (ie standing watch over) inmates using cleaning supplies. So now, rather than idly stand by, they have to directly dispense the cleaning compound. So what?

    On the upside E Mamma, I do agree with you regarding John O’Neill. Where is the Republican Party for John O’Neill? What has our GOP Chairman Mike Tryon done for John? Where are Pam Althoff, Ken Koehler, Lou Bianchi, Sheriff NYgren….the list goes on. All John has gotten is a handshake and “good luck” from any of them. Irene Napier has been the only one to provide any meaningful support (Thanks Irene!).

  26. Regarding the COs having to apply cleaners instead of allowing the inmates to do it themselves as has always been the practice, this is a measure taken to reduce supplies according to the memo from the Chief of Corrections. This is because the jail is in the middle of a budget crisis.
    One of the three lieutenants assigned to the jail dayshift (the one that was assigned to dayshift to sit around all day until she retires next year) has been telling COs to prepare for the worst; alluding to layoffs. This is a little hard to take considering all the waste. But at least the Chief of Corrections is comfortable in his new 2010 county car.

  27. Richard, we are in a recession……all levels of government are in the middle of a “budget crisis”. The State of Illinois is $13 billion in debt. The annual federal deficit will exceed 1 trillion dollars with overall debt exceeding $13 trillion dollars. Under Ken Koehler’s and the Republican dominated county board’s leadership, McHenry County is in excellent financial condition compared to others in spite of the recession. McHenry County government may have to tighten its belt like late 1990s, but there is no “budget crisis”.

    Gimme a break! The inmates are no longer allowed to apply cleaning compounds…..oooohhhh my.

  28. Thank God “earth father” – thanks for the info. I will forward it to the jail union who is meeting with the jail administration regarding what they called a “budget crisis” and tell them all is ok and not to worry. Thanks again.

  29. Maybe now we can all get new county cars – hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Rich…..New county vehicles in 2010 would have been budgeted by the county board in 2009. That has nothing to do with McHenry County’s current financial budgeting situation for 2011. County revenues are down and the Democrat run State of Illinois is behind. Not suprising in a recession.

    According to a recent Daily Herald article regarding the 2011 budget. No county official called it a budget crisis….but rather called for “belt tightening” measures. I imagine that budget crisis versus belt tightening is a subjective definition. But most would not believe an unanticpated $3 million shortfall ($1.5 million caused by the Democrats running the State of Illinois) on an $85 million budget 6 months before the new fiscal year is not a budget crisis. Particularly, since the county has ample cash reserves if necessary.

    All of the Mahon shills need to quit trying to create a crisis where none exists. You just make Mahon look silly. It is obvious that Sheriff Nygren and his department are reacting appropriately to the unanticipated bleak financial forecast by reducing 2011 purchases to the bare necessities as called for by the county administrator.


  31. Earth Father, this is not about Nygren vs Mahon. I personally do not have a problem with Sheriff Nygren.

    It is the jail administration that is talking about a budget crisis.

    Can you understand that jail officers who are being told to prepare for layoffs are worried and sick when they see fiscal waste. Do you think they are upset when they see the Chief in a brand new car?

    For the last time, NEITHER THE UNION, MYSELF OR MAHON to the best of my knowledge have talked about a budget crisis. IT IS THE JAIL ADMINISTRATION TALKING budget crisis and they have told COs to prepare for the worst.

    I’m hoping the capitalized letters help you.

  32. Earth Father, perhaps you could call the jail and tell the administration to stop spreading lies and that all is well.

  33. Richard, I get where you are coming from. Hopefully, county administrator is more accurate than jail administration. I would be interested if jail administration has formally titled a “budget crisis” in their memo or that is how COs interpret….you know the “telephone” game. Hopefully austerity measures will keep the jailers from facing layoffs. The county gets good federal money for immigration detainees, except that Obama administration does not aggresively target illegals…probably the decreased jail revenue.

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