Message of the Day – Dunkin’ Blago

My Milwaukee niece is developing political ears.

Sunday on the way to Union to show her son Thomas the Tank Engine and Mr. Topham Hatt, she hear on Wisconsin radio a discussion of our big-haired ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich’s selling his autograph and pictures at the Rosemont comics exhibition.

Right there along with Shaft, Batman and Robin.

Couldn't Illinois Ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich earn more money by sitting in a dunk tank than by selling autographs and photos to admirers?

One of the radio guys suggested that Blago would make more money if he were in a dunk tank.

What an idea, I thought.

And, I know just whom to ask.

It’s photoshopper extraordinaire Allan Showalter, Crystal Lake One Heck of a Guy blogger of things Leonard Cohen.

Or, instead of making money in a dunk tank, maybe Judge Zagel would allow it as part of his community service. A sign could be posted saying,

“Community Service Dunk Tank”

Perhaps Rod Blagojevich would apply to sit in a dunk tank to fulfill a community service requirement.

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