Bean is Chickening Out on Debates with Joe Walsh and Bill Scheurer

This photo was taken at Melissa Bean's last debate. It was before Labor Day in 2006. Bean did not do well. She was skewered from the right by Republican Dave McSweeney and from the left by Independent Party candidate Bill Scheurer. No wonder she doesn't ever want to debate again.

While Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk will debate for the U.S. Senate, Melissa Bean doesn’t want to have any debates with Joe Walsh and Bill Scheurer for the U.S. House.

She is following Rod Blagojevich’s and Jim Ryan’s lead in not debating me when I ran against them for Governor in 2002.

Bean doesn’t want an open comparison of her liberal voting record with Joe Walsh’s common sense conservatism.  And she doesn’t want criticism from the left from Bill Scheurer.

How would she answer Republican Walsh’s question,

“Where’s all of the jobs you bragged and campaigned on creating?”

I’m sure Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer would have some pointed questions, too.

Bean is stiffing McHenry County by not allowing a public discussion of her voting record.

Just as she would not hold a public town hall meeting on health care reform, on which she supported President Barack Obama.

The last time she debated was when she ran against David McSweeney and Bill Scheurer.

That was four years ago.

The 2006 debate. Dave McSweeney is on the left, Bill Scheurer in the middle and Melissa Bean on the right. Chris Krug is seen moderating.

It was sponsored by the Northwest Herald.

She didn’t do well.

You might say it was a disaster.

She doesn’t want another one of those.

That 2006 debate, by the way, was before Labor Day, the tradition beginning of political campaigns.

Two years ago, she refused to debate Steve Greenberg in public as well. A joint appearance before the Chicago Tribune editorial board was it.


Bean is Chickening Out on Debates with Joe Walsh and Bill Scheurer — 6 Comments

  1. Enough already with the Queen Pelosi and Queen Bean!

    If she doesn’t want to play, she shouldn’t stay.

    If she won’t face the voters, the voters should demote her.

    Don’t give her backing, send her packing.

  2. Cal,

    Two things:

    1) The caption in your picture is wrong. Bill Scheurer is the one in the middle, and Dave McSweeney is the one on the left.

    2) In referring to “Joe Walsh’s common sense conservatism” do you mean the fact that like all Republicans he can’t add? To continue parroting the flawed Republican mantra of increased military spending and elimination of taxes is hardly “common sense” or “conservatism” in my view. Can’t you tell the difference between a neocon and a real conservative? With my call for balanced budgets, responsible limited government, and the consistent ethic of life — Bill Scheurer is the only real “common sense conservative” in this race. Neither of the two incumbent parties, nor their candidates in this race, will ever balance the budget, and everyone knows it.


  3. If an eagle agrees to debate a fly you can’t help but question both their judgment.

    If Bean had a real opponent I’m sure they’d debate.

  4. Bean did not draw a credible opponent this year. Why should she agree to debate two perennial candidates that have no chance of winning any elected office? Is John Boehner debating the Democrat nominee in his race? Is Roskam debating his? You want fireworks? They have races in 14th and 11th. Even the 10th. Make it a field day.

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