Hype of “Recovery Summer” Runs into 1.6% Fact

The men working to install new LED traffic lights on Route 14 in Crystal were paid out of Federal stimulus money with assistance from Crystal Lake taxpayers.

Illinois Dems are great at playing a gross exaggeration card to the media and the media repeating it while giving it little real scrutiny.

Top Illinois Dem, now President Obama, listened to his Illinois advisors and gave us a hyped up “Recovery Summer” to try to conceal the failure of the trillion dollar stimulus spending spree that created few private sector jobs.

Now it comes out how on Friday that economic growth is only 1.6%.

That’s no recovery.

In fact economic growth that’s under 2% can’t create enough new jobs for the normal expansion of the job-seeking population resulting from the normal population growth of the country.

The report was from Obama’s Commerce Department for April through June.

You can bet Illinois Dems will flail away at any issue other than jobs, the economy and how they drove Illinois broke.

Their typical approach when issues don’t go their way is to attack their opponents experience, records or personal background.

Dem politics, once in office, is spending other people’s money not mentioning that other people in the future will have to suffer the consequences of paying the money back.

The best economic hope for Illinois and the country is the Dems getting widely swept out of office.

This will signal business that the coast is clear to invest.

It will show the Dem overspending, which has the country and Illinois circling the recession drain, has met a popular uprising.

If you see liberal, union-following Dems Melissa Bean, Bill Foster and Jack Franks get taken out in November, you will likely have a large enough wave across the country to jump start business investment across the nation.

This is a bid sheet for Republican Keith Nygren's Golf Outing. It is for a "Page for a Day" with Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks. Unsuccessful 2008 Republican State's Attorney candidate Dan Regna has bid $25. The seven-pointed star on the letterhead may or may not be significant. It's the same one on the wall as one enters the jail complex.

Working class Dems can help save their own jobs by throwing out their own Dems who have created this mess. That would definitely include Bean, Foster and Franks.

Hopefully all of the political money they have extracted from lobbyists, unions and trial lawyers won’t be able to save their political hides.

There will be few new jobs created in a Bean-Obama-Foster economy that’s slowing down from 1.6% growth.

I would have included Franks in the above sentence but the only job Jack Franks sincerely cares about is his own.

Franks is one of the most what’s-in-it-for-me Dems in Illinois.  He’s not even endorsing Pat Quinn for Governor or, as far as I know, the Democratic Party’s candidate for Sheriff, Mike Mahon.  Guess he thinks Quinn will lose by so much to Bill Brady in McHenry County that he should look out for himself.  And, of course, Republican Keith Nygren is one of Franks’ supporters.  And there’s evidence Franks helps Nygren’s fund raisers.

Turning around the economy will take a lot of volunteer labor to unseat the Dems.

Volunteering a dozen hours sure beats even more job loss and a nose-diving economy if the Dems hang on. You can bet the union leaders will be out pushing their members to keep their free spending Dems in office.


Hype of “Recovery Summer” Runs into 1.6% Fact — 1 Comment

  1. Cal, what I cannot understand is why the “Major Media” never reports on this simple fact.

    These ’employment’ numbers obviously fluctuate. Why is this? It is because there are really no ‘new’ jobs being created whatsoever.

    Have you ever noticed the ‘seasonal’ upswing in the employment figures? The “New Jobs” follow the pattern of “Foreign Visa” workers, let’s use Mexico as example. From around mid April until mid September each and every year, the ‘Service Industry’ such as hotels, ‘hire’ employees for a six month stint.

    Thus, the employment numbers are inflated…. but not with ‘new’ AMERICAN workers.

    Obviously, ‘others’ with false Social Security cards, also obtain employment to cover the “AMERICAN BUSINESS OWNERS” need to fill seasonal business demands. Then, when the “AMERICAN OWNED BUSINESS” no longer needs its “LOW PAID” new employees, these numbers drop again as these ‘newly created jobs’ are vacated for six months.

    Then, the same old cycle starts all over again the following “Season.”

    I could go on and on regarding this issue, but it’s not my job to ‘tell the truth’ about things. I’m to ‘insane’ to know what I know.

    Note to AMERICAN business owners: STOP HIRING ILLEGALS with “False SS cards.” Then, we just might get a ‘real’ employment number that we can believe in. I travel extensively, and I am stating FACTS.

    Local business owners should hold ‘job fairs’ at the local high schools and colleges to let our local kids know, they can stay right in their own communities to earn money to help fund their educations.

    Instead, many “American BUSINESS OWNERS” FIRST look for foreign Visa holders or worse, Illegals.

    I would not be so fast to blame Obama or anybody else. “GREED” has gotten our country into this situation and it hasn’t happened over night.

    Stop hiring ‘Undocumented’ people and give our own kids a chance. (I don’t want to hear how, “American Kids won’t take manual labor jobs!”) Yes they will if business owners AND OUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES get out to our schools and PROMOTE local industry.

    But then again, “THEY” are to busy finding money to fund their next campaign………

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