Illinois Dems and Cary School Distrct 26 Analogy. It’s Really No “Misunderstanding.”

Illinois Democrats run the White House and Federal government. From President Obama to David Axelrod to Rahm Emanuel, they are in control.

My list doesn’t include lesser known Valerie Jarrett and higher profile Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education and former head of the Chicago Public Schools.

Obama ran on “Hope and Change.”

What seems humorous now is how one of his campaign slogan was

“Change You Can Believe In”

The Illinois Dem Obama team went with vague promises.

It was lathered in positive language of “we need to go forward” and “Hope and Change.”

Oh yeah.

It was going to be unlike other presidencies.

It was going to be post partisan and post racial – both.

To be analogous, the group from Cary 26 making demands of the school board while dangling $4.3 million out there had similar characteristics.

They didn’t tell the truth.

They also didn’t contribute one dime of their own money or actually collect any money from anyone else.

It was all one big public relations charade.

In McHenry County, liberal Dems like Melissa Bean and Jack Franks got elected pretending to be someone she and he are not.

Bean’s votes for the public option for healthcare, then Obamacare, higher energy taxes (tax and trade) and massive debt stimulus spending are about as liberal as you can get.

Franks’ liberal votes are public record, including his automatic ones for whatever the teachers’ unions are demanding.

Franks’ co-sponsoring the law that made red light cameras legal was Democrat greed to collect more money from people, without calling it a tax.

The common denominator between the group “The Soar to Higher Ruse Heights Foundation” and Illinois Dem politics is blatant pretense.

If the individual(s) have to tell a lie, untruth or more to create the pretense, do you think they even care?

When caught they plan on calling them “misunderstandings.”

A lousy economy and unemployment in Illinois over 10% is no misunderstanding.

There is no misunderstanding how the individuals in the Cary District 26 group didn’t bother to contribute a dime or twenty bucks apiece to their own cause. No money in the bank. Just vague promises of pledges from unknown sources.

Illinois Dems have decided there is no war on terror, only an overseas contingency operation.

A fizzling economy with sustained high unemployment is a “soft recovery.”

We also, according to Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, don’t have terrorism anymore, just man-caused disasters.

If you don’t agree with this mislabeling, Obama and Illinois Dems have coined the phrase how you have “untrained ears.”

Dems didn’t bailout big overseas banks, but dealt with “toxic assets.”

I can’t recall Obama and the Dems campaigning on giving Deutsche Bank $2 billion of
bailout money.

But they did.

When small business owners can’t get a loan, it’s their own fault they don’t “Sprechen Deustch, nicht wahr?”

We can tell when the soaring Cary group play the “Sprechen Sie Deutsch” charade, just as Illinois Dems have for many years, can’t we?


Illinois Dems and Cary School Distrct 26 Analogy. It’s Really No “Misunderstanding.” — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting piece about the way the public is manipulated into thinking something bad is good or that a lie is a truth.

  2. This is interesting. Since Bush had everyone thinking that there was WMD’s in Irag and there wasn’t. You think that that is right. Why can’t the truths be told by everyone not just some? Everyone knows that Osama bin Laden took down the trade towers but you blame it on someone that wasn’t President at the time. Why can’t people take resposibility for their actions. It wasn’t the Dems who made up false intel to fool the intire country. But people like Sarah Palen and Mr Beck want to point fingers the other way. Lets get real and speak the truth. I will admit there are crooks in this State but they are in Both parties. So lets not throw stones.

  3. Lets talk about how we are going to get our Great State back up and running. Lets get the people who blow smoke out of office and elect those who will do a honest job at it. We need the people to run our country not those who want to just spend our money.

  4. “Everyone knows that Osama bin Laden took down the trade towers…” Who are you to say what everyone “knows”? Why is there no warrant for OBL’s arrest? I don’t think I missed his trial or conviction. The FBI’s 10 Most Wanted doesn’t even list 9/11 as a crime he’s wanted for – Don’t count me in with “everyone”.

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