GOP Headquarters Gets Route 14 Sign

Moving right along, the McHenry County Republican Party Campaign Headquarters is looking more official.

No longer can the painted over Century 21 sign be seen, if one looks closely.

Recent Loyola political science and journalism grad Jack Morrisey poses with former State Senator and GOP County Chairman Jack Schaffer and present Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon below the colorful new sign. Note that they is space available for additional volunteers.

Now, there’s a red, white and blue “Republican Headquarters” sign.  The weight loss sign is unrelated.

Making phone calls about the office's Grand Opening right after work on Friday, September 17th, are volunteers Pat Gessert and Tom Kantner.

Inside were volunteers Pat Gessert and Tom Kantner are calling Republicans urging folks to join them at the Grand Opening the Friday after next.

The downstairs confererence table holds the September 17th Open House sign.

This a big building with lots of office space.

There's a storeroom next to the conference room.

Jack Schaffer told me it is better than the Bill Brady for Governor offices in Springfield.

If there are enough volunteers, someone will play the role of receptionist.

Here’s what one sees when one enters the headquarters, which is located next to the GMC-Pontiac dealership.

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