Lou Bianchi Issues Statement on Indictment

Here is McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s statement:

Lou Bianchi

“I am stunned by this indictment because I have done nothing wrong.”In private practice before and in public life now, I have always acted lawfully and with integrity.

“This episode represents the first time in my 42 yr. career that my integrity has been questioned.

“Many of you want to believe as I do that ‘good people can run for office and make a difference.’

“As you may know, I am not a career politician.  I have never run for any other elected office nor do I intend to.

” I have made campaign promises and I have ACTUALLY kept them.

“I work for, and answer to the people.

“In the past 6 years, I have worked with our prosecutors and staff to dramatically transform this office to one of the finest in the state.  Our record speaks for itself!

“I became a target of this special prosecution because in restoring integrity to this office, I stopped the influence peddling and deal making that had been rampant.

” The ‘select’ group of defense attorneys no longer had an open door to negotiate sweetheart deals for their clients.

“Political heavyweights were unable to affect decision-making through bullying and threats.

“My political opponents have been relentless, used legal and illegal methods again and again to destroy me.  They need to remove me from office so that they can regain their power and control.

“Fueled by my political opponents and paid for with your tax dollars, this special prosecution has spent months invasively searching every computer and document in my office.  Under this same scrutiny, most public officials in America could be indicted by an out-of-control special prosecution.

“It is quite telling that despite my attorney offering complete cooperation during this investigation, the special prosecutor never once interviewed me or otherwise asked for my side of a story that is being fabricated by my political enemies.

“I will vigorously fight these unjust charges and look forward to the day when I am fully exonerated and my reputation is publicly restored.”

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For background of the fight between allies of McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren and County Treasurer and former GOP County Chairman Bill LeFew and those grouped around Bianchi, this article might be helpful:

Republicans at War

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