Gordon Graham Holding Fund Raiser Sept. 30th

A fourteen person group of public officials headed by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren is soliciting money for Associate Circuit Court Judge Gordon Graham’s campaign for circuit court.

The event will be held at D’andrea Banquets at the southeast corner of Routes 31 and 14 on September 30th starting at 6.

Although Graham ran unopposed in the Republican primary election, he picked up Independent Sally Wiggins as an opponent when she passed and filed petitions.

The cost is $50 per person, with $250 and $500 silver and gold sponsors, with proportionately more tickets, mentioned. Republican precinct committeemen are invited at no charge.

Besides Nygren, the people on the letterhead are

  • Kathy Schultz, McHenry County Clerk
  • Bill LeFew, McHenry County Treasurer
  • Katherine Keefe, McHenry County Circuit Clerk
  • Phyllis Walters, McHenry County Recorder of Deeds
  • Marlene Lantz, McHenry County Coroner
  • Pam Palmer, McHenry County Auditor
  • Gene Lowery, listed as McHenry County Under Sheriff, but not Chief Deputy Police Chief of Crystal Lake
  • Don Lockhardt, Marengo Mayor
  • Aaron Shepley, Crystal Lake Mayor
  • Jay Nolan, Harvard Mayor
  • Sue Lowe, McHenry Mayor
  • Ed Plaza, Lake in the Hills Village President
  • Rick Mack, Ringwood Village President


Gordon Graham Holding Fund Raiser Sept. 30th — 11 Comments

  1. I believe it is a time for IAG to get involved in all county doings.

  2. And just what does this have to do with Judge Graham’s candidacy and fund raiser?

    Bless is obviously a problem child for the bar, for the Cook County Sheriff (he’s out on disability there but obviously enjoys life, working and boating).

    Methinks that is coming to an end.

    Still, has nothing to do with the Judge nor is it an issue for the attorney general.

    You’re not doing yourself any favors, Jeff. Don’t open your mouth, it just confirms that you’re a fool.

  3. The second comment above followed one I removed.

    I did so because it quoted an entire article from the Northwest Herald about County Board member Bob Bless’ problems with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Board, which I wrote about the day before the NW Herald article appeared.

    I believe quoting an entire article is a violation of copyright law.

  4. Judge Graham needs to appoint investigators for others as well.

  5. So I’m a fool.

    I’m not the one hiding behind a made up name so no one will know who I am.

    I call it for what it is.

    If the Judge wants my vote then step up and take down the ones responsible for all corruption. Just like the situation with Galt Airport. Example

  6. Koehler doesn’t get my vote, Nygren doesn’t get my vote and Judge Gordo doesn’t get my vote.

    The yard signs are going to show quite a variety this year.

    Not voting straight Republican is not going to go over well at my Mom’s birthday party tomorrow.

    I come from a long line of Local 150 straight Republican voters (not working 150 myself), but November changes that.

    And I will do whatever I can via email, Facebook or anything else to convince other voters to follow me.

  7. I support you Paul.

    I have been shund by the Dem Party for supporting someone other than a Dem.

    I decided to support Scott Cohen for Governor.

    I have worked for the State for 15 yrs and the State started borrowing from our Retirement when Edgar was Governor.

    Now when they said they would pay it back, they are working to keep from paying it back.

    I have put into it since I started 15 yrs ago and they keep stealing it and giving themselves pay raises and saying we have a cadillac pension.

    I pay 10.5% into it and will show anyone that wants to see it. And that includes overtime.

    They just passed a law that I will have to work till I’m 67 yrs old to collect what a crock.

    They get 4yrs and Life time health insurance.

    Who has the cadillac pension?

    We don’t have a pension, they stole it.

    Thats why I’m running for County Board, its time to take back our county.

    If its true that Mrs Wiggins is only running because shes after Judge Graham for appointing a special prosecutor after Sheriff Nygren, than I won’t vote for her either.

    We need judges that go after corrupt individuals for breaking the law.

  8. I am glad that list was printed!

    Now we all can see as plain as day who is working with who, who’s in cahoots with who more like it!

    Hope all the voters take a good long look at how these ALLIANCES are a detriment to the county.

    Judges, Sheriff’s, County Auditors should not be gathering and cahorting (plotting).

    This November will be the first time I will NOT VOTE a straight Republican ticket in 20 years.

    Good Luck to all the Non-Republican, non-incumbent candidates this November election!

  9. what a good ole boy insider list that is
    it is like a gang trying to muscle their way into retaining a monopoly
    now is the time for an independent judge
    vote for Sally Oeffling Wiggins for jude on November 2nd
    the county belongs to the people

  10. Jeff, you have not been shunned by the local Dems because you support Scott Cohen.

    We all support your right to support any candidate you want. We would just prefer you not be handing out buttons for an opponent of a Democratic candidate, and advising people not to vote for a Democrat when you’re working a Democratic booth at the County Fair.

    We all support you Jeff, and we believe you will make a very good County Board member. Good luck in the Election.

    I also agree with you, the workings of County politics needs some change. The best change can be accomplished by the voters. So, let’s all make change happen.

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