Johnsburg Parade, First the Long Wait

You know I go to parades mainly to see if there are political indicators that you might find interesting.

Three John O'Neill volunteers.

Before I got to the parade route, I found two volunteers for John O’Neill for State Representative seeking the end of the parade.  One was pulling her son in red wagon.

Next I saw two men near the Grand Marshall’s car.

Grand Marshalls Jerry Turner and Wally Marciniak.

Turns out they were both Grand Marshalls.  Wally Marciniak and Jerry Turn.  Marciniak said that Turner was running for mayor.

“Of Johnsburg?” I asked.

“No, of Chicago,” he replied.

I suggested if Tom Hanahan had moved out from Chicago to run for State Representative that there was no reason someone from Johnsburg couldn’t move to Chicago to run for mayor.

Befpre the parade passed the main intersection, one of the O'Neill volunteers I saw up the street walked by passing out palm cards.

I was standing in the shade on the south side of the main intersection in Johnsburg.  Before the first parade vehicle appeared, one of the John O’Neill volunteers I had seen near the church was passing me as she handed out palm cards.

A pirate handing out candy releived the boredom for those waiting for the parade entries.

People with a better sense of timing than I were still arriving.

The road was closed as these late comers arrifed before the parade started.

The parade had not yet arrived, but the O’Neill volunteer, who started at the end of the parade route was already across the street.

All three John O'Neill volunteers I saw next to St. John's were now accounted for.

And, finally, the parade was in sight.

Around the curve came the parade.

More soon.

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