The Politicians in the Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade

Keith Nygren and his wife Marge rode the parade route in this baby blue Cadillac convertible.

First among the politicians at the Johnsburg parade was McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren.

I only saw one motorcycle in Sheriff Keith Nygren's entourage.

Unlike other parades, there were not four motorcycles accompanying him.  Usually there are two from the Sheriff’s Department and two from the McHenry County Conservation District.

Marge Nygren throws a fistful of candy to the crowd.

As in Lake in the Hills, there didn’t see any rules against throwing candy.

The snowmobile trailer of the Sheriff's Department.

The only vehicles from the Sheriff’s Department I saw besides the motorcycle were the snowmobile trailer and van pulling it.

I wonder if the fewer employees on overtime was a result of county board members having asked for an overtime report for all departments when County Administrator was telling them that the county had budget problems.

Johnsburg village officials came after the Sheriff.

Village President Ed Hettermann was thowing candy, too.

First was President Ed Hettermann.

Village Trustees Bruce Bennett and Mary Lou Hutchinson.

Village Trustees Bruce Bennett and Mary Lou Hutchinson were in the next convertible.

The car for Trustees Harold May, Rick Quinn and John Huemann was next.

The sign says Trustees Rick Quinn, John Huemann and Harold May. Would someone please identify the two in the car?

Rounding out the village board members was a car carrying Karl Nitz and Ron Zanko.

Johnsburg Village Trustees Karl Nitz and Ron Zanko brought up the rear.

As an intermission among the politicians, the Johnsburg Marching Skyhawks appeared.

The Johnsburg Marching Skyhawks came into view.

Tubas and drums from the Johnsburg Marching Skyhawks.

The next politician was 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean.

These folks were coming so fast I didn’t have time to change from my long to my short lens, but I did get a shot of Melissa Bean reaching out to shake hands.

"Hi, I'm Melissa."

Right behind was State Rep. Jack Franks’ contingent.

The Jack Franks volunteers were passing out frozen sweet sticks.

There appeared to be two dogs for Franks.

Dogs for Franks.

State Rep. Jack Franks presses the flesh with a phalanx of McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi supporter in the background.

I paying so much attention to Franks that I almost missed the Mark Kirk for U.S. Senate group.

Mark Kirk had a group of supporters in the parade.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi and his supporters were next.

Lou Bianchi waved to the crowd and blew a whistle.

Although not up for election this year, Bianchi had the largest contingent of marchers.

Lou Bianchi was wearing a red shirt, his supporters blue.

With Sunday newspapers headlining people reacting to whether he should step down after his indictment for campaigning using county resources, he received applause from some folks I was standing near.

There were forty to fifty supporters rallying around the State's Attorney in Johnsburg.

I didn’t hear anyone shouting, “Resign!”

Brent Smith was leader of those walking to support Sheriff Keith Nygren's re-election effort.

Those supporting Sheriff Keith Nygren came next.  You see leader Brent Smith, who was putting campaign stickers on bystanders.  Behind him you see Associate Judge Gordon Graham and McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz in a convertible.

Assciiate Judge Gordon Graham, who is running for Circuit Judge, rides in a convertible with County Clerk Katherine Schultz.

McHenry County Board member Sue Draffkorn was in the next convertible, waving to the crowd.

Sue Draffkorn was waving to the crowd.

Next was McHenry County Board member John Hammerand in a little red convertible.

John Hammerand

Democratic Party challenger Jeff Thirtyacre was driving a pick-up truck and waving to the crowd.

Jeff Thirtyacre.

Right behind his red truck was the truck carrying the Republican County Board members Thirtyacre hopes to unseat.

Even though Johnsburg showed some signs of having Green Bay Packer supporters, Pete Merkel and Sandra Salgado's entry sported a Chicago Bears flag.

Pete Merkel and Sandy Salgado rode in the rear.

Sitting "backwards in the back" (with apologies to singer Alan Root, who wrote a kids song by that name) were McHenry County Board members Pete Merkel and Sandra Salgado.

Right behind was the contingent supporting Democratic Party challenger to Sheriff Keith Nygren, Mike Mahon.

The Mike Mahon float was right behind the Republican County Board members.

It sported a big sign on the side saying, “Mike Mahon for Full-Time Sheriff.”

Mike Mahon walked the parade route.

Mike Mahon shook hand along the parade route.

Behind Mahon was Independent candidate for Circuit Court Judge in McHenry County, Sally Wiggins.

Sally Wiggins at the Johnsburg parade. She graduated from Johnsburg High School.

Was she wearing high heels?  I can’t tell you because I didn’t get a photo from far enough back.

Sally Wiggins supporters.

Her supporters were carrying her yard sign touting her independence and maiden name, Oeffling.

The Joe Walsh for Congress marchers were next.

Joe Walsh

The always enthusiastic Walsh even greeted the parade judges.

A regular part of a Joe Walsh appearance is his "Lete's take our county back" horse trailer, which he invites people to sign.

After the Joe Walsh entry, came a banner for Republican candidate for Governor, Bill Brady.

Holding one end of the Bill Brady for Governor banner was McHenry County Board candidate Nick Provenzano.

The next group was Jack Franks’ challenger, McHenry Grade School and Library District member John O’Neill.

Republican candidate for State Representative against Jack Franks John O'Neill told people, "I hope I can earn your support."

For each parade entry the announcers seemed to read whatever the entrant had written it wanted said about it.  O’Neill’s pointed out that he was the first Republican candidate in six years.

John O'Neill worked the same people Jack Franks did previously. This couple said O'Neill had their support. Notice the "Don't Tread on Me" flag on O'Neill's truck. It has become a symbol of TEA Party candidates.

That was the end of the politicians.  Next came Cub Scouts.

Cub Scout Pack 916's float in the Johnsburg parade.

First was Johnsburg’s Pack 916.

Next was Cub Scout Pack 455.

Johnsburg parade float of Cub Scout Pack 455.

Behind Pack 455 marched Boy Scout Troop 455.

Flags flying, Johnsburg's Boy Scout Troop 455 marched behind its Cub Scout Pack.

After the parade, I saw Sheriff Nygren mingling with Saufen und Spiel attendees on the way back to where I parked my car.

Keith Nygren mingled with the crowd after the parade was completed.


The Politicians in the Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade — 15 Comments

  1. Is the blue convertible with the seven point star decal representing the Sheriff’s department or Nygren’s campaign? It really doesn’t matter anymore, does it?

    Every other vehicle in this parade has legal license plates. Why is it that Sheriff Keith Nygren once again violates the law?

    He is making this too easy.


  2. I believe Lou is sending a clear message!

    “Blowing the Whistle” finally!

    Should be very interesting to see who all comes tumbling out of the closets?

  3. I guess its time For Lou to stop protecting the Sheriff and come clean on what he has done.

    Cal you didn’t get a pic of my truck. What you don’t like Germans?

    I guess I’m not liked anywhere.

  4. question for anyone..

    Does a sheriffs mechanic have the Illinois Vehicle exemption for operating a motor vehicle with lights and sirens ?…He was driving that Sheriffs marked tahoe towing the snowmobile trailer.

    He isn’t a police officer

  5. Not hard to get forty to fifty marchers when your paying time and a half. Lou, can’t wait for next years Italian Festival Fund Raiser, just make sure you delete my name from the county computers though.

  6. O’Neill: LOSE WEIGHT!

    A diet between now and election day will work wonders for this campaign. Campaigning during the week prior to election day 25 lbs. lighter will definitely get him some more votes.

  7. LOL! Zane accuses the sheriff of violating the law by riding in a car that MIGHT not have registration – we don’t know that since we don’t see the rear plate, if any.

    Okay, let’s just say that there are NO plates on that car.

    Everyone else would arrest the driver of the car who appears to be Gary Lang.

    Only Zane Seipler would let the driver slide over and then ticket a passenger for the violation.

    Far fetched?

    Nope, that’s Zane’s style. He’s done it before and admitted it. Some other things never change, right Zane?

  8. Just – how about all of the deputies that did the same thing more than once lied about it and did not get fired, just a 3 day suspension?

    This may well have been considered normal practice in that dept.

    Once she got behind the wheel, she was responsible and did not have insurance. It was a just ticket.

    Zane got fired for being a whistleblower for far more serious things and this was just the Nygren coverup.

  9. Just – If you are one of those in the “far more serious”category, your day is coming.

  10. Earth mother… If what you say is true, then why did Seipler admit to wrong doing? Certainly not because he wanted “to put that behind him.” He admitted it because it WAS wrong, it WAS on video, (a couple of times) and he was dead meat. That another deputy (with whom Zane had a close relationship) had done something similar BUT NOT THE SAME should have no bearing on this discussion.

    FYI, I do not now nor have I ever worked for Nygren so you can imagine how I’m trembling with fear over your suggestion that my day is coming.

    Lastly, Earth Mother, why no use your entire last name rather than just the first half?

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