McHenry County’s Web Site Evaluated

Besides looking at lobbying expenses, Sunshine Review also examines governmental web sites.

McHenry County’s is praised for having

  • Annual fiscal reports are available online.
  • 2008 Budget is online.
  • Building and zoning permit information is available.
  • Board meeting minutes and agendas are available.
  • A full listing of county board members and contact information is posted.
  • Tax bills can be viewed and paid online. Tax rates are also posted.
  • Freedom of Information Requests available on-line.

Front page of McHenry County's web site.

There are more good things on the web site, including a variety of maps. Take a look at what you can find on them.

The web site is criticized for

  • not having county contracts online and
  • not disclosing memberships in taxpayer-funded lobbying associations

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