Crystal Lake’s Colonial Cafe Moving

Colonial Cafe today.

The Crystal Lake restaurant that the recession does not seem to be hurting as much as others is planning to switch sides of Route 14.

The old Baker's Square restaurant, in front of which the last TEA Party was held.

Colonial Cafe, which serves my very favorite salad, the citrus tango one with corn bread on the side, is planning to move across the road to where Baker’s Square used to be.

You’d have the owner of the chain why, but my guess is that he is betting that the new Three Oaks Recreational Area, whose main entrance is just down the road a thousand or so feet, will drawn visitors who want a reasonably priced meal.

If that’s not the reason, maybe it’s the development that the owner expects to occur next to TORA. If a hotel is ever built, you can bet that every meal will not be eaten there.

Colonial runs monthly specials. My favorite is the cut rate hamburger, which truly is a good one. The fifty cent ice cream cone, small, but with my propensity to gain weight when I ear carbohydrates, a taste is find, sucked me in. This month, there are $1 sundaes, which blows my diet any day I succumb to the best ice cream in Crystal Lake.

Our Kiwanis Club meets at Colonial the second and fourth Wednesdays at noon. I hope the new place has a suitable meeting room.

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