GOP Removes Democrats from Republican Election Judge Spots

You’d think finding Democrats taking Republican election judge positions would be something that would only happen in and around Chicago.

But McHenry County Republicans checkeed voting histories of all signed up to be Republican Party judges and found people who consistently voted in Democratic Party primaries.

That doesn’t mean the people weren’t good judges, but it does mean that the GOP did not have proper representation in the precincts in question.

So, McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon was off to court to remove them.

He told me that finding out how the process works was a challenge.

McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz couldn’t remember it ever having been done in McHenry County. The person contacted at the State Board of Elections had worked there twenty years and could not recall it ever being done anywhere in Illinois.

Judge Michael Sullivan signed the order you see removing the following people from the position of Republican election judge in the precincts indicated.

  • Algonquin 8 – Chris Canaday
  • Algonquin 29 – Richard Komarewich
  • Algonquin 38 – Charlene Maday
  • Algonquin 51 – Virginia Imhauser
  • Dorr 2 – Anne Hellyer
  • Grafton 22 – Dolores Marshall
  • McHenry 18 – Sarah Eisenberg
  • McHenry 22 – Paul Chovanec
  • Nunda 7 – Donna Erfort
  • Nunda 15 – Iris Burns

That does not mean they will not be election judges. Democrats rarely have ever election judge spot filled, so they will probably be offered the opportunity to be Democratic Party Judges elsewhere.

Attorney Joe Gottemoller handled the case.

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