Message of the Day – Stickers

After Johnsburg’s Saufen und Spiel Parade, I saw a youth with lots of stickers on his shirt.

Which is the most effective sticker?

I figured that he had all of them that had been passed out, so asked if I could take a picture.

Take a look at them and tell me with one you think is most effective.


Message of the Day – Stickers — 5 Comments

  1. Franks sticker sure ties him to the occupant of the White House. The O’Neill sticker can be read from a distance while Franks’ sticker simply reminds me of the guy in the White House.

  2. Yeah, come to think of it. Obama created his symbol and now Franks has a symbol of his own. I guess Franks thinks he is such an enigma. Typical Liberals, symbolism over substance.

  3. Jack Franks image almost looks like a joint! I don’t really like any of the above.

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