Isaac Hayes’ Phone Ringing

Isaac Hayes, who is running against Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Yesterday I speculated that the Chicago Sun-Times might endorse Jesse Jackson, Jr., opponent Isaac Hayes.

Endorsing an Republican in a solidly Democratic Party district.

Imagine that.

Starting last summer “running on character and values, but also on jobs. better school and safer neighborhoods,” Hayes notes that hasn’t happened under Jackson’s leadership.

Hayes told WMAQ Channel 5 that he would not have supported the bailout of the banks.

Hayes has finally caught the attention of Chicago TV stations. Channel 7, the most watched station Tuesday and NBC Wednesday.

“There are a lot of people who have supported the Congressman and now they are guessing that decision. I just want to provide an alternative,” he told the interviewer.

“It’s good to finally hear from the press…It was hard prior to yesterday to track down the press and now I’m getting calls,” Hayes explained.

“I don’t expect the press to do me any favors, but I’m glad to let people know what I stand for.”

Asked about contributions, Hayes said they were increasing as well.

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