John O’Neill Door Hanger

At Friday night’s literature distribution for McHenry County Republican Precinct Committeemen, of which I am one, I found the door knob hanger for John O’Neill that you see below:

One side, in blue and orange, looks as if it could be taped on the inside of a car window. It says,

Republican for State Representative

The other has a photo of Basia, John and the kids with the following message:

  • A True Conservative
  • Balance the Budget Every Year
  • Create an Environment for Good Jobs
  • Education Money Spent on Students NOT on Bureaucrats

Meanwhile Jack Franks signs lined the main street of Union on Friday afternoon. Virtually none were in Marengo the middle of last week. In fact, the only signs I saw were a few for Manzullo for Congress and, on Route 176, four by four foot ones for Mike Mahnon for Sheriff.


John O’Neill Door Hanger — 2 Comments

  1. This man is our 100% best choice. Bring some ethics and common sense to represent us.

  2. Just wondering how I can get biographical information on John O’Neill like what is his educational background and what jobs has he held? His website does not contain any of this information and I can’t find anything on the net.

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