Bill Scheurer’s Donkeyphant Returns

The message above the photo you see below reads,

“Starting to envy the Travelocity gnome.

“At least they get him out of the house!”

Bill Scheurer's Donkeyphant appears to be being held prisoner. Messages say, "it's been so lonely since you've been gone" and "help!" and "is it 2010 already?" and "i'm being held in the basement."

Beneath the photo is the following:

“Anybody feel like campaigning like it’s 2006?

“Maybe try Facebook? It beats standing out in the rain!”

And, at the bottom of the email is what looks like Donkeyphant merchandise.

Scheurer is the Green Party candidate for Congress against Democrat Melissa Bean and Republican Joe Walsh.


Bill Scheurer’s Donkeyphant Returns — 1 Comment

  1. Cal,

    Did you hear about the Sept. 25, League of Women Voters debate?
    Melissa Bean and Bill Scheurer didn’t have the GUTS to appear, neither did they notify anyone of their intensions.

    Joe Walsh was there and the debate was canceled by the Barrington League.

    Just an example of who really cares about America.

    Joe Walsh gets my vote in November.

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