Tollway Interchanges, The Madigan Factor

This article is about an interchange in South Suburbn Justice.

When I read that the Route 20 Northwest Tollway interchange was going to be improved, I immediately thought of House Speaker Mike Madigan.

When he drives from his home in Chicago to his home in Lake Geneva, he takes the tollway to Hampshire’s interchange, then up Route 20 to Route 23, then drives north to Lake Geneva.

A couple of years ago I filed a Freedom of Information request for communications about the interchange improvement and got zilch.

David Kidwell, in his Sunday Chicago Tribune article entitled,

In Justice deal, all roads lead to Madigan
Illinois House speaker’s clients involved in development linked to village’s proposed tollway interchange

points out that Madigan called the Governor’s Office about the improvement in Justice.

Every reason to believe Democrat Madigan would do the same with regard to the Route 20 interchange improvement, if he had a role.

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