County Auditor Pam Palmer Won’t Even Release the Name of the Judge Ordering Payment to Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan

This is getting humorous.

As you know, I have been trying to obtain information about Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan’s bills to the county.

The County Board apparently is approving tens of thousands of dollars for his work and, I assume for his forensic computer consultants, without seeing anything but a resolution from the Finance and Audit Committee.

I have asked for the billings and had that Freedom of Information request denied.

There’s an ongoing investigation, don’t you know?

I have asked for any documents that would show the hourly billing rate for Tonigan and his consultants.

None exist.

I have just asked McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer for something that would at least tell us what judge is ordering payment.

Here’s yesterday’s response from Palmer:

Dear Mr. Skinner,

Pam Palmer

Per your Freedom of Information Request received by my office on Monday, September 27, 2010 which requested “some part of the court order which will identify which judge has authorized, that is, ordered the payment of Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan’s bills”,  I am denying the information request based upon the following:

Reason for denial:  All documents requested are subject to the ongoing investigation exemption and the case seal.

Statutory Reference for Exemption Claimed
:  Freedom of Information Act 5 ILCS 140/7(1)(c)(viii)

A taxpayer might find his or her temperature rising at the ridiculousness of this extent of secrecy.

I think I’ll just chuckle and wonder what County Board members will do when the next resolution comes out of the committee called Finance and Audit.


Just what does that mean?


County Auditor Pam Palmer Won’t Even Release the Name of the Judge Ordering Payment to Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan — 5 Comments

  1. Too bad it’s not a laughing matter. This is government stone-walling at its best. Too bad the money isn’t available to sue for the information. Voters should remember this at every election.

    You’re a good man, Cal. Keep up your hard work.

  2. I s there still any committee on the county board that has to approve the payments or does Palmer have carte blanch?? If so, she should be made accountable.

  3. I do not believe that the auditor can release any information if the judge has ordered the case under seal.

    Otherwise, she would be held in court contempt.

    Also, earth momma, the county board has to approve payment, not the auditor.

    The auditor mkaes sure the payments are legitimate expenses, the county board approves and the treasurer cuts the check.

  4. Check out court transcripts. Graham would not allow the Appellate Prosecutor to handle the case on behalf of the citizens of McHenry County. That would not have cost the taxpayers. This guy is already retained for us. Graham could have saved us all of this money. He set his friend up to make a lot of money. Why do you think it is sealed??

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