Tribune Looks at Fight Between GOP Factions

Lou Bianchi

Keith Nygren

If you want to read the Sunday Chicago Tribune’s story on McHenry County Republican politics, you can find it here.

The article explores the political aspects of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s indictment.

Amy Dalby attorney Wes Pribla observes,

“The issue would have died if Bianchi hadn’t gone after Dalby,”

which is probably correct.

I am quoted like this:

“…the ‘old boy network’ didn’t like a newcomer state’s attorney who bucked the old system of letting defense attorneys plead cases to lesser penalties.

“The establishment is trying to purge a state’s attorney they can’t control.”

State Rep. and McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon disagrees that politics are involved.

Making the argument that “this indictment is politically motivated” is Bianchi attorney Terry Ekl.  That part of the article reads,

“Bianchi came under fire in part, Ekl and others say, because he upset defense attorneys by taking criminal cases to trial rather than letting defendants plead to lesser charges.

“The number of trials, the office reported, went from 5 in 2004 to 49 last year, and the number of subpoenas and summons rose steadily from 313 in 2004 to 1,729 in 2008, showing more aggressive prosecutions and investigations by Bianchi, Ekl said.”

Online headline in the Sunday Chicago Tribune captured Saturday evening.

And, added later Sunday morning, here is the top of the Tribune article:

Someone asked me who the photographer was taking pictures of everyone who swent to Judge Gordon Graham's fundraiser. It appears the person was from the Chicago Tribune. Click to enlarge any image.


Tribune Looks at Fight Between GOP Factions — 12 Comments

  1. The Tribune article has nice picture of Graham with Nygren. Several judges had to recuse themselves because of relationships. Why didn’t Graham recuse himself??

    How did he get the gig??

    Also, Wes Pribla is spinning.

    Bianchi did not go after Dalby, O’Connor the special prosecutor did because she gave conflicting statements. Who was to be indicted was not his call but O’Connor. Also, Wes ran unsuccessfully for State Attorney and would still like to have the job. He has political in this issue, as well.

    Article does not tell you that the Regna campaign manager that took the info from her was a Nygren employee. He held on to the information for one year and when he was to hand it over, claims “it was lost”.


  2. Wow…”Bianchi did not go after Dalby”???

    I can’t believe you could stop laughing long enough to actually finish typing that fable.

    The only rat smell you may be getting is the fact that O’Connor was specifically limited to only investigating Bianchi critics and how they got the evidence as opposed to being aimed at all the wrongdoing involved on either side of the argument.

  3. Earth Momma, the only RATS that I smell are LOU and RON. You conveniently forget that Lou personally sought appointment of Special Prosecutor O’Connor whom Lou hand-picked, not Judge Sullivan. Lou’s petition was supported by Ron’s affidavit. But, except for Amy Dalby, O’Connor failed to find any evidence of wrongdoing. Lou brought this all upon himself by seeking Special Prosecutor O’Connor. Now, it’s rightly Lou’s turn to face the fiddler.


  4. ef andAZ you wanted facts about Nygren. They are yours for the taking. Go to Read below the fine wine bottle. All the info about Nygren and his Dem background. Do not miss the one claiming 240 hrs. at an academy. Then look at the copy of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board for Nygren no 240 hrs and the 400 hrs. that were wavered. Never did that either. He has attended two 5day seminars with the grade of 82. This is the best from the man with all of the “experience”. The years do not add up either. First police experience at the Crystal Lake P. D. without the police academy.
    This is the authentic info. Sorry boys.

  5. em. Why r u changing topics? Who brought up Nygren in this thread? Az and I call you on your BS about Bianchi and O’Connor and your head implodes. Focus, momma, focus. Try to stay on topic. I know that becomes more difficult as election day nears. Then, it is all over for you and your friends. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

  6. You wanted proof. This was the article I knew you would look at. You see, your guy Nygren is a LIAR and phoney. I can tell by the haha attitude that you have a seventh grade mentality. You do not care about truth just want to foster more bs.

    He has a political piece he sent out with all of his achievements that were outed by someone you outlined exactly who really make them. He ended by saying “Next Nygen will say he invented the squad car”. Then Nygren had to send a letter to back peddle on his claims. More LIES and I can see that you are one of his “do boys”. How sad for you.

    Your attitude is a topic. I guess you did not like the info.

  7. correction – his “achievements” that were outed by someone who outlined.

  8. By the way – the response to this info has been ‘STAGGERING”

  9. “Staggering” kind of like failing a field sobriety test?

    Still waiting to find out Mahon’s stance on if DUI’s are acceptable behavior for a Sheriff’s Deputies? That kind of stance as permissible history/behavior in the Sheriff’s department would not only decrease public safety but would skyrocket insurance cost to some seriously high levels.

  10. Mahon and a DUI? when where?

    Yesterday, 5 years ago? 10 years ago 20 years ago?

    you can’t make a claim without details that is like yelling fire in a theater.

    But talking about Drinks why does why does the associate judge always seem to have a drink in his hand?

    After the last parade the beer tent was a popular place for some running for office and for one hoping to be given a job. and what about his sidekick heir apparent have 5 beers in front of him a few nights ago?

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