Mike Mahon Outlines $1 Million in Budget Cuts for Sheriff’s Department

The following press release has been received from the Mike Mahon for Sheriff campaign:


Sheriff’s candidate Mike Mahon Monday released the details on his plan to cut $1 million annually from the McHenry County Sheriff’s budget with no impacts on public safety.

He added that more cuts could probably be identified and implemented once he was Sheriff.

Mike Mahon

“Nothing matters more in these tough economic times than that every nickel of taxpayer funds be targeted to accomplish the essential mission, not to build good will for the officeholder,” Mahon said.  “Feel-good programs, waste and cronyism are out and focused, sensible programs are in.  That’s the message from taxpayers to those at every level of government.”

In almost every government budget, far and away the largest expense is salaries of full-time employees.  Cuts in the permanent payroll are often the hardest to make, but also the most significant, in that the reduction continues in following years unless the positions are restored.

Also, every full-time position carries associated benefits such as pension, medical insurance and the like.  These benefit costs are customarily estimated at 25% of salary.

Mahon suggested that the following positions could be eliminated without adverse impact:

  • CALEA Coordinator: $71,574 per year + 25% personnel benefits = $89,467
  • EEOC Officer: $91,001 + 25% personnel benefits = $113,751
  • 1 Police Captain: $107,403 + 25% personnel benefits = $134,253
  • 1 Deputy Chief of Corrections: $106,998 + 25% personnel benefits = $133,747
  • 1 Court Security Chief: $61,799 + 25% personnel benefits = $77,248
  • 1 Business Manager: $81,200 + 25% personnel benefits = $101,500
  • 1 Mechanic Supervisor: $82,857 + 25% personnel benefits = $103,571

Total = $753,537 per year

In order to adequately discuss the next cuts, a brief word is necessary about “span of control,” a term used frequently in law enforcement management to describe the number of individuals or resources that one supervisor can manage effectively.  Other researchers have defined it as simply how many people a manager is responsible for communicating to.

According to recent studies, today the overwhelming trend in government and business is for higher span of control ratios (i.e. fewer supervisors over larger numbers of officers).

Advocates of this leaner, “flatter” strategy cite factors like improving communications and reducing costs by eliminating multiple levels of management as the rationale for the trend.  They say that to budget-conscious jurisdictions, the possible financial saving with little perceived increased risk is attractive.

As an example of top-heavy supervision in the current force structure of the Sheriff’s Office, Mahon cited the Investigative Bureau, which currently employs a Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants, 9 detectives and 5 deputies.

  • The Sergeant in charge of the evidence room supervises only 2 deputies,
  • the Narcotics Sergeant supervises only 2 detectives and
  • the Apprehension Sergeant supervises 2 deputies.
  • The Detective Sergeant supervises 7 detectives.

The span of control for Sergeants in that Bureau therefore ranges from 1/2 to 1/7.

For the Sheriff’s Office as a whole, reductions could be achieved by the elimination of three supervisors (Sergeants or Lieutenants) by attrition, and reassignment of the various rank-and-file officers to other supervisors.

Thus, 3 Supervisors @ $90,000 X 3 + 25% personnel benefits = $337,500

This amount, combined with the $753,537 detailed above, equals a Grand Total of $1,091,037.

Even with the changes articulated above, the Sheriff’s Office as a whole would fall well within the acceptable levels of span of control as defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“Not only could we cut supervisors, but my plan includes placing more gold stars on the street, some of whom are currently house-bound in the headquarters or other offices,”

Mahon said.

“I am also confident that further cuts could be achieved, but this would be a good start.  We need to get the fat out of government, and it won’t be easy, but it’s the only way to restore the trust of taxpayers.”


Mike Mahon Outlines $1 Million in Budget Cuts for Sheriff’s Department — 40 Comments

  1. Thank goodness he isn’t going to win anything; that goes for Gussy too

  2. So let me get the math straight here….

    A person who has never once been a street patrol officer, never once been a detective, never once supervised any people who were street patrol officers, never once supervised any detectives and has never in his whole career been anything but a middle manager of a jail thinks he understands how to make one of the best managed departments in McHenry County leaner?


    Is anyone else tired of clueless idiots who shouldn’t expound their ideas around a water cooler feeling perfectly free to tell you how to run your life?

    Is anyone else the victim of Peter Principled fools managing their workplace into the ground with their great ideas about how things would be if their clueless butts were in the boss’s chair?

    Who is this idiot from Cook County who actually thinks McHenry County is so full of hick morons we will actually vote for someone not even qualified as a street patrol officer to be the mighty middle manager accountant sheriff who ruins our county’s Sheriff’s Department?

    Apparently he is the Democratic Candidate for Sheriff.

    I would beg the Democrats to get a QUALIFIED candidate next time so there is actually a choice.

    Even the sheeple should see through this insane grab for power by a completely delusional and unqualified individual.

    The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office is not a jobs program for failed Cook County middle managers sir.

  3. First of all, these management principles ARE PROVEN! If you read last line, you would note that these principles are tried and true and approved by FEMA! Those positions aren’t required, they’re just fluff!

    And regarding Mahon-

    He was corrections officer, a fugitive apprehension officer, and an investigator for internal affairs before he became part of the upper echelon of the Sheriff’s office.

    Last time I checked, we were electing an administrator not a road deputy and that corrections makes up a higher percentage of personnel than the patrol division.

  4. This guy does realize that this county is already well below the state average of law enforcement personnel per population, right? Wow! If he really feels a need to take on wasteful spending in law enforcement he should start in Cook County where he already works.

  5. As I follow his personal story, I suppose he should also factor in the increased insurance as he seems to be destined to switch policy to make it acceptable for Deputies to have a history of Drunk driving and suspended licenses.

  6. A Cook County Dem wants to eliminate “wasteful” spending and cut government jobs! That’s funny! I wonder if Sally Wiggins, the funny one, came up with this? Seriously, I choked on my coffee reading this. Cal, thanks for the Monday morning humor!

  7. Just & ef – You are supporting a Cook County Dem for Sheriff – Nygren.
    You are surely some of the dead weight.

    Priest – go to my comment on the Tribune article and see how UNQUALIFIED the liar Nygren is. All of the education and training he claims are bs.

  8. I want to know more about Mahon’s training and work experience. I can tell certain comments are written by obvious Nygren employees so I don’t really trust anything they say. Someone should look up Mahon’s certifications.

  9. Priest: To your point about clueless, unqualified idiots getting into office, look no further than down south on Rt 47 at the wanton destruction Grafton Township is enduring at the hands of the township supervisor. The massive loss of public trust took only two years. I’m not thrilled with the current regime, but I’d hate for similar incompetency to get voted in just to get a paycheck.

  10. Did McMahon come up with this plan before, during or after his DUI?

    What a qualification when wanting to be the top law enforcement official for McHenry County.

    If he is a Dem, his character doesn’t matter. Or a record of endangering the public. A Crook county Dem bureaucrat with a DUI conviction is the best the Dems got in this election?

    Vote Green for this choice.

  11. If a DUI is worth so much in your book, why didn’t Nygren fire his employee who had one?

    And FYI: The DUI was 15 years ago and HE ACCEPTED HIS PUNISHMENT with out contesting it because he knows right from wrong!

  12. E Mama. Do you actually believe the deception, disinfromation and lies that you spew? You need to lighten up or else your will have an anuerism. Hate to see your head explode. Scanners!

  13. There are at least 4 of Nygren’s deputies with DUI’s. Two were hired with DUI’s.
    These include supervisors and members of the traffic unit who specialize in DUI checkpoints.

    My head is doing just fine ef. I showed proof not deception. I do not think I am the one with a head problem.

    i pay attention to more than the Northwest Nygren Herald that do not vet any info, just print whatever he says. The info is out there about the DUI’s if you know how to look for it.

    Getting info is how I make my living.

  14. So earth mother, you are good with the promotion of Deputies who have DUI histories to supervisory positions?

    Sounds like a terrible idea to me.

    Off course we have seen how tough it can be for a Sheriff to fire a deputy protected by a union.

    Luckily in the case of the actual Sheriff we have voters have a choice.

  15. Just letting you know how things work there. But you know that well.

    Why is the deputy that falsified tickets 3 times and then lied about it still there?

    She got a 3 day suspension. Zane won his case. Hard for you to swallow??

    Proving that Zane was fired for being a whistleblower. I am thinking that trial will bring a lot of truth to the surface. Perhaps you or your friends will have some problems with that.

    Have a good evening.

  16. Za…Err…earth mother…amazing how every article comes back to “Zane” for you…

    So would Za…er you be OK with Nygren having a DUI?

    Just kind of funny how Mahon fans think switching political parties in the 70’s is some how a major issue but a DUI in the 90’s is “old news”…

  17. What Earth Mother says might have some credibility if Za, er, “she” would post the names and case numbers of those Za.., er, “she” accuses.

    If the cases are out there and the truth then there’s no reason not to.

    It’s impossible for anyone reading this crap to prove a negative so, as long as the accusations are flung out there without any proof (which Earth Mother claims is there) we can safely ignore the accusation and the accuser.

    OTOH it’s easy to make this sort of point with Mahon.

    His conviction for DUI is out there, the federal suit acknowledging that the charges against him were valid but the cause of action against his boss was faulty since it was alleged that his conduct was predicated upon the plaintiff’s gender rather than the fact that Mahon was just a bully that has a foul mouth and/or likes young girls.

    So, earth mother, put up or shut up.

  18. Once again the nygren minions changed the topic.

    Once again it’s about the dui.

    If you want to know about the dui and what happened go to mikemahon.org where Mike addressed this well before these knuckleheads started bring this up.

    After you check it out make your decision about it.

    But condemnation without investigation is pure ignorance.

    Now let’s talk about a 1 million savings in the sheriff’s office.

    Mike said he could walk in and save a million dollars, and now he is explaining, in detail, how he will do it.

    Look at how he does it, by eliminating unnecessary positions, by making supervisors, who supervisor 2 people do more work, maybe even actually some law enforcement work.

    Nygren has run wild with the budget.

    It has increased a 125% since 2000.

    I wish my IRA increased that much.

    The reason these knuckleheads keep changing the subject is because they know the people of McHenry have seen their friends and neighbors lose jobs because companies have had to tighten their belts. The people of Mchenry know in these times you can’t just spend money willy nilly.

    How about the new report program the sheriff bought for 4 million dollars without any bids.

    Nygren spent 4 million dollars and DIDN’T get any bids.

    Or when he told the County finance committee that he doesn’t keep records of where his overtime is spent.

    This is what the campaign is about not dui’s.

    Oh yea maybe you should ask Keith if anything bad ever happened when he was intoxicated.

  19. Condemnation with out investigation? Huh… Isn’t it simply fact that he was convicted of Drunk Driving and had his drivers license suspended. What exactly needs to be investigated? It’s a fact and voters simply need to decide on if that is an important enough issue for them in a potential Sheriff.

    I think the DUI is pretty open and shut. If any investigation is needed by voters it surrounds the harassment case involving the 15 year old girl.

  20. Do you really think that anyone would believe that Nygren would be given a DUI even if he deserved it.

    You are really in LaLa land, curious. This is just laughable.

  21. Patrick. You are an idiot. Just because Mike Mahon wisely fronted his DUI nearly one year ago does not make it any less an issue for voters as the election nears. An old politician’s trick to front and spin bad news early and then claim it is old news at election time blaming his critics for even raising the issue. (Apparently, Lou and Ron don’t know this trick. LOL)

  22. Earth mama. Everyone knows that a certain Deputy S who wrote false tickets had a “close” relationship with another Deputy A who got in trouble for a similar incident. THat is how Deputy S knew about the incident and was able to rat out his “close” friend Deputy A. I wonder what Deputy S wife thinks about “close” friend Deputy A, Earth Mamma? But, I am sure that you know about that now would you “Earth mamma”? You and Z keep hurling stones from your glass house! Hahahahahahahhahaha!

  23. Not like being off duty with no badge or gun.

    Giving tickets to a woman at her workplace because she would not go out with you.

  24. Don’t bother EM. They are trying to redirect once again.

    I am interested in knowing what position on the Sheriff department these Nygrenites hold.

    They are obviously too close to the issues at hand to not have a personal agenda.

    Funny how many of the deputies are supporting Mahon privately, because they cannot stand working for an unethical bully like Nygren.

    These guys are obviously higher ranking yes men who are terrified their own personal actions are going to be made public.

    I love how they keep trying to make the DUI sound current. It was in 1991 when Mike was young.

    He made a mistake.

    He was honest about it.

    Let it go.

    They can dig up two questionable events in his past, so they keep throwing them out since it is all they have.

    How many issues does Nygren have in his current life?

    The upcoming federal case should be quite enlightening.

  25. E Mama. How would you know that Deputy S and Deputy A “close” friendship is not true? Maybe, a certain person is not being fully truthful to you about his “close” friendships.

  26. I too, would like to know where you got that information?

    Please share. enlighten the world as to everything you know about my personal life, wife, family, etc.

    Tell us everything you know because honestly, you don’t know squat.

    All you know is what you’ve been told or heard through the “rumor mill”.

    You’ve got nothin’!

  27. Who is talking about Zane Seipler?

    Not me.

    Z boy, I do not know anything about your personal life, wife, family, etc, nor do I care.

    I am merely talking about two anonymous persons whom I randomly labelled Deputy S and Deputy A.

    Why are you so touchy Z boy?


  28. Just wanted to clear it up for the readers.

    People read this blog to get informed. I want them to be informed as to facts not rumors.

    You don’t know anything.

    I ‘ll clear up all the rumors when I return to work.

  29. Hey how about you get of the personal bulls*#t and discuss the topic of the article.

    Is it because you can’t defend your boss for spending tax payer money like it was his.

    Or because he is so arrogant he feels no one should question what he does.

    Keep writing what your boss tells you to ef & jc you don’t want your car heater pull now that the weather is changing.

  30. Sorry Pat, I don’t work for the Sheriff’s Dept.

    Keep guessing. But, I do know a few deputies.

    Also, I have great respect for the job that Sheriff Nygren and his department do policing our county including my home and farm in unincorporated McHenry County.

    You know, the rural part of the county where deputies do the car heater pull similar to my NH cab heater pull.

    Get it, Earth Father? Enough hints.

  31. LOVE this blog-it’s my morning entertainment!! Who did what, to whom and where, when and so on! What fun!!!!
    Cooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeee oooooonnnnnn Nov 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. McHenry County needs a honest, hard working, and capable Sheriff and that is why

    there is only one choice, MiKE Mahon for McHenry Countys next sheriff….SAY GOOD BY TO ALL THE CORUPTION WHEN MIKE MAHON TAKES OVER

  33. How about Mike Mahon telling us about his experience as a POLICE OFFICER.

    Sorry but the fugitive apprehension unit at Cook County does not cut it.

    And investigating wrong doings of his own staff still does not give him the experience needed to run a department.

    Other than Mike spewing about 2 pensions and a vacation home he has not answered one of my requests for his POLICE experience.

    By the way I am not a MCSO employee, just a voter with common enough sence to know Mike IS NOT QUALIFIED to run a POLICE DEPT. Maybe he should be a correctional officer with MCSO and work his way top the top there.

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