McHenry County Refuses to Even Supply the Name of the Judge who Ordered Payment of Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan’s Bills

This is getting amusing.

You will remember that I think the public has a right to see the billings of Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan.

I have been denied those billings by both the County Board and County Auditor Pam Palmer.

All I really wanted to see was how much had been spent on computer forensic work so I could compare it to the, what, $20,000 Ancel Glink spent on the Grafton Township separation of powers case.

Not only can’t I see the detailed bills, but I can’t even see the court order directing payment of Tonigan’s bills.

And the county won’t reveal how much Tonigan and his assistant are billing per hour.

So what did I ask for next?

“Under the Freedom of Information Act, I request some part of the court order which will identify which judge has authorized, that is, ordered the payment of Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan’s bills.”

Guess what?

I can’t get that either.

“Please refer to my denial response forwarded to on Friday Sept. 24th in regard to your FOIA request of Sept. 27.  The information you have requested in your Sept. 27th FOIA request falls within the scope of that denial.

“Therefore, your Sept. 27th request is denied.”


Another denial.

Another appeal to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

How much sense does it make to hide the name of the judge who ordered the payment?

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