Turnaround Tour Coming to McHenry County Monday Night

The Illinois Policy Institute’s Turnaround Tour will come to McHenry County College next Monday night for what will probably be the only chance local voters will able to hear some candidates speak in public.

Here’s is the Institute’s press release:

Illinois Policy Institute’s Turnaround Tour Visits McHenry County Featuring Candidate’s Forum

Think Tank Releases Findings of Statewide Poll on Top Economic Issues

The Illinois Policy Institute's Turnaround bus.

CRYSTAL LAKE – The Illinois Policy Institute will visit McHenry County on their Turnaround Tour, a campaign focused on practical, common-sense solutions to

  • rein in out-of-control spending,
  • expand government transparency,
  • remove government roadblocks to creating a more friendly business climate and
  • reform the bankrupt state pension system.

The Institute will also release findings from a statewide poll that discusses spending, taxes and other issues.

The tour will include rallies with local leaders and educational forums with candidates for the state legislature to discuss their solutions to the state’s fiscal problems.

Details on Candidate’s Forum

MODERATED BY: Kristina Rasmussen, Executive Vice President of the Illinois Policy Institute, Moderator

INVITED CANDIDATES (Confirmed candidates in boldface type):

Joe Walsh, Candidate, 8th Congressional District (Confirmed)

Rep. Melissa Bean, 8th Congressional District

Bill Scheurer, Candidate, 8th Congressional District

Rep. Donald Manzullo, 16th Congressional District (Confirmed)

George Gaulrapp, Candidate, 16th Congressional District

Terry Campbell, Candidate, 16th Congressional District

Rep. Mark Beaubien, Jr.. 52nd House District (Confirmed)

Rep. Michael Tryon, 64th House District

Robert Kaempfe, Candidate, 64th House District

John O’Neill, Candidate 63rd House District (Confirmed)

Rep. Jack Franks, 63rd House District

Keith Nygren, McHenry County Sheriff

Mike Mahon, Candidate, McHenry County Sheriff (Confirmed)

Gus Philpott, Candidate, McHenry County Sheriff (Confirmed)

WHAT: Turnaround Tour Candidate’s Forum

WHEN:                                       Monday, October 11th, 7:30 – 9 pm

Doors for event open at 7 pm

WHERE:                                               McHenry County College

8900 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake

For additional information on this event, click here.

About the Illinois Policy Institute

The Illinois Policy Institute is a nonpartisan research and education organization dedicated to making our state a beacon for liberty and prosperity for all citizens.

As a leading voice for economic liberty and government accountability, we engage policy makers, opinion leaders, and citizens on the state and local level by promoting free market principles and liberty-based public policy initiatives for a better Illinois.

To learn more about our organization or review our policy briefs, please visit our website at www.illinoispolicy.org.


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