Finding News in the Neighborhood

The car approached from the south, ran over the first driveway, through the bushes and hit a Jeep at the end of the second house's driveway.

Last night was my alma mater’s Homecoming Dance.

A neighbor was taking two young ladies from Crystal Lake Central High School to have their pictures taken shortly before I finished walking part of my Algonquin 7 precinct Saturday.

This afternoon, while walking down the east leg of Riverside Drive in County Club Additions, a 420-some home subdivision between the south shore of Crystal Lake and the Crystal Lake Country Club, I discovered two damaged Jeeps.

I was told a car came from the direction of the Country Club about 3 AM, left the street on the right, plowing through shrubbery into a Jeep parked at the end of driveway near the neighbor’s garage.

The 17-year old boy then backed his Jeep into another Jeep nearer the street.

The two male occupants then abandoned their (parents?) car and ran away.

They were captured is what I was told.

Do you think the youths had attended the CLCHS Homecoming festivities?

What do you think will be their punishment—not from juvenile court—but from their parents?

I imagine car insurance rates will increase a good bit.

= = = = =

I also learned that the city had required the first homeowner to remove an ash tree infested by the emerald ash borer.  It was just the right time to be able to identify ash trees in the neighborhood.  Some were dropping their crunchy leaves.  Others were still displaying their bright yellow little leaves.

Ash tree that shades our home in the summer.

Maybe others in the neighborhood are having their ash trees treated with insecticide, but, if not, the ash tree you see behind our home at Gate 11 will soon be the only one alive in the neighborhood.  Wayne White is my Master Arborist.  He has an ad on McHenry County Blog with a link to his web site.


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  1. Hi Cal! you hit the google alerts with this story today!

    I admire your work on the Mchenry County Blog. Your web traffic is indeed very impressive.

    I am taking a note from you and I have changed and updated my website and also have which is nearly the same but material is unique and linked between them.

    I have been adding material almost daily and have hit google (Page 1 through 3) on several different searches and no longer have to totally rely on just the pay per clicks.

    This year was an awesome year as you can see from the updated pictures on my site.

    Some of them are truly spectacular – just like yours!

    Keep in touch and keep up the good work. I will be linking to my old stories on your site shortly.

    I remember telling you I had never had anyone mention they heard about me from you BUT that was not true this year. A couple people actually searched the internet and found information about me (enough to contact me) from stories they read on your site!

    When i look at how your site grades out on – you get incredible traffic and a huge number of inbound links! Well done!!

    Wayne White
    Board Certified Master Arborist
    Emerald Tree Care LLC

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