Is Bean Saving Her Money for a 2012 Rematch?

Meilissa Bean the last time she debated (September, 2006). She did not do well.

With a million dollars on hand, liberal Democrat Melissa Bean had the chance to bury Joe Walsh with negative electronic advertising.

With none on the air as best, as I can tell, you wonder if she is saving her money for a 2012 rematch, rather than now, when voters don’t want to listen to Democrat excuses.

As I read the last (and only public) poll and interpreted it with such a heavy sampling of women (56%) , it is possible Bean figures spending a lot of money is not going to move the numbers enough in her favor.

It does seem strange Bean acts like she is in a witness protection program in the Bean bunker and is not up with massive media spending.

The longer Bean waits, the more early voters her possible ads will miss.

It’s possible Bean is saving her money to counter any national Republican advertising to benefit Walsh.


Is Bean Saving Her Money for a 2012 Rematch? — 1 Comment

  1. Melissa, please save your political money and two more years of your pretending to be an independent. A true Obama liberal through and through as her votes prove.

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