Where’s Waldo, Oops, Melissa?

Melissa Bean at her last debate, which was held prior to Labor Day, 2006.

Waldo, who has never attended a candidate's debate. Maybe he's in Bean's bunker.

As you can see from the press release below from Tea Party Palatine, she skipped another debate, staying, as the press release says, “in her Bean Bunker.”

Republican Joe Walsh and Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer attended the Round Lake candidates’ forum.

Where is Waldo?

(Palatine, Illinois) – Illinois Representative Melissa Bean (D) Illinois 8th district will not talk with concerned citizens in the Illinois 8th district.

She can not defend her votes or answer direct questions. She is hiding deep in her Bean Bunker!

On October 9th, 2010, Illinois Representative Melissa Bean (D) Illinois 8th district was a “No” show for a debate at the Civic Center located in Round Lake Beach.

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Tonight at McHenry County College, will Melissa Bean visit the 2006 site of her last debate?

Or will she remain in “Bean’s bunker.”

There were several questions asked to Melissa Bean’s empty table. The debate was moderated by the Mayor of Round Lake Beach.

Joe Walsh (R), Melissa Bean (D), and Green Party Candidate Bill Scheurer were all invited to debate topics on health care, jobs and the economy.

If you are outraged with Bean hiding and not answering direct questions, contact local media outlets and her local office (847) 517-2927 or DC (202) 225-3711 and vote her out in November!


Where’s Waldo, Oops, Melissa? — 2 Comments

  1. You don’t really believe that Melissa Bean will come out of her bunker to stand before an audience made up of Tea Party and Turnaround voters do you?

    She ‘may’ actually show up in Grayslake on the 20th at the League of Women Voters forum where questions will come from high school history students who are actively following the elections.

    Then again, she may be advised NOT to show up and call in sick. I’ll be there, either way to see what she has to say.

    Most of us can’t figure out what she is so afraid of if she felt that strongly about her voting record. Hiding won’t make it go away as she may well find out in early November.

  2. OK, all kidding aside, she is going to do the non-partisan League debate. Why would she shoe up to a Walsh partisan rally with the Tea Party? That would be kind of silly. The other guy Sure (or Sheer or Scheurer) just goes to any political spectacle for the last 8 years he has been running. But why would Melissa show up to that?

    Relax. Both of those guys will get to debate her at a proper debate and not some youtube partisan setup. Take a deep breath. It will all be just fine. Democracy will be preserved.

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