Melissa Bean’s Groundhog Day Is October 20th

Th closest thing I could find to a debate in a forum at which constiutents did not have to pay was at a Grayslake supermarket after the primary election. No wonder she is spooked about defending her record of supporting Obamacare and Stimulus Packages.

Congresswoman Melissa Bean has agreed to come out of her Bean Bunker on October 20th.

She will actually appear on the same stage as her opponents Republican Joe Walsh and Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer.

It won’t be in McHenry County though.

We are not important enough to merit a public appearance with

her opponents.

The last time that happened was before Labor Day in 2006 when she ran against Republican Dave McSweeney and Bill Scheurer.

Over four years ago.

That was a debate she lost.

It's about a half an hour from McHenry to Grayslake High School.

This year’s only debate will be at the inconveniently located (at least for McHenry County) Grayslake Central High School, 400 N. Lake St., Grayslake.

The high school is located where you see the star.

Half an hour from McHenry, assuming you don’t get lost and the traffic is light, which it won’t be.

It starts at 6:30.

The Lake County League of Women Voters will screen questions, a most frustrating format the League is known for.

Besides 8th Congressional District candidates, those from the 62nd State Rep. contest will be featured. They are Republican incumbent Sandy Cole and Democrat challenger Rich Voltair.

So, mark your calendars and plan to arrive early so you can get a seat.

Melissa Bean's last public appearance with opponents, David McSweeney and Bill Scheurer then, was in 2006 at a Northwest Herald-sponsored debate at McHenry County College.

And, if you plan to attend and have a camera, please take some photos for me. I’ll be at a McHenry Marlins swim practice when I would otherwise be driving east along crowded Route 120. If some folks will send me some notes of what the candidates say, that would be helpful, too.

It occurs to me that all the Chicago TV stations will cover this event, so undoubtedly partisans of each candidate will have people holding signs outside that will be seen on television later that night.

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State Rep. Sandy Cole emails that “the debate also includes the 31st Senate district candidates… Senator Michael Bond & County Board Chairwoman Suzi Schmidt.”


Melissa Bean’s Groundhog Day Is October 20th — 6 Comments

  1. I would not bet on Melissa Bean attending. If she does attend it will bewith an entourage of S.E.I.U. thugs to attempt to intimidate the audience….won’t happen!

    Can the Bean!

  2. I would rather her be working for us than going to Tea Party forums that pretend to be debates. From Pioneer Press…

    Bean, Durbin announce $2.8 million grant for Barrington
    October 15, 2010
    U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean, D-8th, and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., today released a statement announcing that Barrington will receive a $2.8 million grant to fund 100 percent of the planning, designing and engineering of a grade separation at the U.S. Route 14 and Eastern Joliet & Elgin Railway crossing.

    According to Bean’s office, the funding was awarded today by the U.S. Department of Transportation through the Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery program.

    “These funds are a critical start toward addressing the vital safety and quality-of-life concerns that have arisen in our communities since the (Candian National) merger,” Bean said in a stement released from her office. “I commend Secretary (Ray) LaHood and the administration for recognizing the severe regional impact that this increased rail traffic has had on our community’s families and businesses.”

  3. Does anyone actually know why Ms. Bean has ceded the battlefield to Joe Walsh all the way up to the final three weeks?

    I have speculated but is there anyone with actual knowledge of why she would think never speaking to her constituency is a good idea?

    From an interviewer’s standpoint Joe Walsh is outside the front gate every morning with coffee and donuts for everyone smiling and asking if a job opening has come available and Ms. Bean is sitting on her behind taking up space in the office.

    Given the “choice” so far Mr. Walsh is far and away the person I want to give a shot at doing the job once I remove the dead weight in the company.

    But I still want to give Ms. Bean the benefit of the doubt and ask one last time why she feels it is her job not to do her job.

  4. Good question Reverend.

    I suspect because the battlefield was ceded when the GOP failed to nominate a legitimate candidate like Rodriguez or Beveridge. Walsh is like one of those “Japanese Holdouts” who never found out that the empire was defeated – some until years later.

  5. The voters will decide on November 2 just as they did at the primary.

    “We the People” do not need any GOP intervention for representation in the 8th district.

    “We the People” are sick of Bean and lack her representation.

  6. Good start to an argument Drew.

    Rodriguez and Beveridge had baggage they would have had to overcome as well so no one was perfect on the Republican side.

    Given this, Bean made such open statements about how Phil Crane hid from her I was just wondering what was the strategy behind hiding from Joe, whether a weak candidate or not.

    I personally would have loved to see her come out and crush him if he was so weak.

    The campaign would have died in its infancy if she was capable of or willing to do this.

    I suspect she doesn’t think he’s so weak.

    I suspect she is afraid she’ll make a bad showing in a forum/debate, but I HATE speculating.

    That’s why I asked. Do you know?

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