After Six Terms Jack Franks Still Doesn’t Want to be Known as a Democrat

Take a look at the first mailing I’ve found from millionaire Jack Franks’ campaign for re-election.

After figuring out he couldn’t win a primary election for Governor and not wanting to settle for any lower statewide office, Franks decided that running for state representative again was for him.

He’d run hoping that his buddies House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate

State Rep. Jack Franks and Sheriff Keith Nygren mingle before the ceremonies inaugurating the 22nd Judicial Circuit.

President John Cullerton, with whom he vacationed in Ireland last September, would cut him a congressional district containing all of McHenry County and no incumbent.

Of course, if Joe Walsh pulls off an upset victory over Franks buddy Melissa Bean, those plans would have to be arranged.

In any event, Franks is running for re-election as “McHenry County’s Independent Voice.”

Not as “McHenry County’s Leading Democrat.”

No wonder local Democratic Party operatives are not enamored with him.

He has an unholy alliance with McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren. Nygren is listed on Franks’ funding raising host committee and Franks contributes to Nygren fundraisers.

Looks like we have our own John Kass “combine” in McHenry County.

In any event, the mailing appears below.  Click to enlarge either image.

McHenry Grade School and Library Board member is challenging Franks for State Representative.


After Six Terms Jack Franks Still Doesn’t Want to be Known as a Democrat — 6 Comments

  1. FWIW, Democrats don’t really want Jack Franks to be known as a Democrat.

    But he is still a helluva’ lot better than O’Neil.

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