Sally Wiggins Campaigns in Marengo Parade

Independent candidate for Judge Sally Wiggins campaigns in Marengo's Settlers Days Parade the Sunday before last.

Here is a photo of Sally Wiggins in her trademark heels and dress walking the Parade in Marengo.

She is wearing a pink scarf in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Wiggins was passing out roses again and her campaign reports that many people were yelling,

“Sally, we want a Rose,”

indicting that people know who Sally is, they say.

Independent Wiggins is running against Associate Judge Gordon Graham, who was nominated in an uncontested race in the Republican primary election.

The car carrying Sally Wiggins roses has the license plate "GAL X E 3."

Above Wiggins is Loading up with more roses to pass out to the ladies.

The campaign reports,

“Ladies from both sides of the street were yelling Sally’s clamoring for the coveted Sally Roses.

“She is walking in her New Young Gal shoes in the parade. Lets see the good ole boys try that!

:Sally’s team of supports passed out hundreds of flyers to the incredible crowds, while opponent Judge Gordon Graham road in his car.”

Besides handing out roses, Sally Wiggin's supporters handed out pamphlets. The woman behind Wiggins is reading one.

Wiggins greeted ladies along the parade route, passing out roses and flyers.

Reading the literature

“was something we noted at this parade was people were reading the flyer and not just stuffing it into a bag,”

a campaign spokesman said.

“This was a fantastic event.”


Sally Wiggins Campaigns in Marengo Parade — 1 Comment

  1. This was one of the best parades I have been in.

    My hat is off to the organizers. The weather was great but the crowds were fantastic.

    Thank to Prairie Ridge Marching Band for the great music. You do your school proud!

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