Tribune Looking at Lakewood SportsPlex EB-5 Financing

This morning I played photographer’s assistant on Pleasant Valley Road.

I held up the remote controlled flash.

An internet promotion for "expedited immigration."

Antonio Olivo is doing a story on things immigration, including the financing of the Lakewood SportsPlex complex with EB-5 “buy a visa” program money that is scheduled to finance the development.

Taking close-ups of Larry Larson and Al Stenstrom.

Larry Larson and Al Stenstrom have been researching the financing mechanism and apparently have found something that interested the Tribune to interview them a couple of times and send a photographer to take their photo.

This fence line is about 100 years from the pond you see below.

The photographeer had them stand near some signs on Pleasant Valley Road in front of Larson’s magnificent property.

Laughing Creek runs through this pond.

Take a look at his back yard with a dammed up Laughing Creek running through a pond.

And you thought Covered Bridge Trails was the only place with a covere3d bridge in McHenry County.

He has a covered bridge over one part of the water.

The two incumbent county board members voted in favor of financing the SportsPlex. Former GOP Board member John Jung and Green Party challenger Frank Wedig were rewarded by having their signs put next to the "No Lakewood SportsPlex" signs. The two incumbents voting for financing? Democrat Jim Kennedy and Republican Tina Hill.

No wonder neighbors to the proposal have signs in front of their homes.

Although only the District 5 votes are seen here, all are on the web site.

The group even lists how each county board member voted on its web site, “Stop the McHenry County SportsPlex.”

There’s a page addressed to Lakewood residents.

Besides the"Home" button, there are ones for "Lakewood Residents!," "Traffic Info," Conservation Info," "Who's Who," "Take Action!" and "Contact Info."

The Tribune photographer was off to the McHenry County Jail to take pictures of the cell blocks were illegal immigrants are housed.


Tribune Looking at Lakewood SportsPlex EB-5 Financing — 3 Comments

  1. So, Cal, so we can understand this fully. A guy comes in with $500.000.00 CASH… he gets expedited residency process?

    Who has that kind of cash laying around Cal….

    Drug Dealers, Coyotes (people smugglers)……………..Oh yea, and PONZI schemers too! (We will be hearing more about those types soon enough)

    This is almost to hard to believe. No wonder the Gov. is pushing ‘Dual Language’ classes on AMERICAN children. Wake up America, OUR way of life is slipping away!

    Shore up those boarders right now and bring back our jobs so we Americans can become a “Producing” society again. We don’t need outsiders money to rebuild our country and capture our pride as Americans.

    Stop sending OUR money out of OUR country…. The American men and women will handle the rest!!

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