Two Polls Taken in the Jack Franks-John O’Neill Race for State Representative

John O'Neill

Jack Franks

Expenditures, except checks written to other political action committees, don’t have to be revealed in pre-election campaign disclosures filed with the State Board of Elections.

However, due to the fluke that survey research was performed as an in-kind contribution for both State Rep. Jack Franks and his opponent, Republican John O’Neill, we know when and how much such polling cost.

On September 21, Lisle’s Fako & Associates did $2,500 worth of polling for Jack Franks.

This is the first time Franks has done polling in a state rep race, to the best of my memory.

About a month after the poll, this campaign mailing showed up touting Franks as “the Great Independent.”

Barely a mention on the campaign piece that Franks is the leading Democrat in McHenry County or that he was a big Hillary Clinton supporter two years ago.

John O’Neill’s in-kind contributor was the House Republican Organization, successor to the disgraced House Republican Campaign Committee.

Communications Express charged $653.52 on September 29th.

So, what does that mean?

I mean besides that Republican are more economically minded in their expenditures.

Tune in tomorrow.

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