Assessment Appeal Time

McHenry Township's assessment notices were published October 2nd.

Sorry for the delay in pointing out that homeowners can appeal their assessments in McHenry Township.

It looks like the deadline is the day before the election.

The sparsely populated Dunham Township, on the south edge of Harvard, also has a November 1st appeal deadline.

Other deadlines that have not already passed are listed below:

Chemung (Harvard) – November 5th

Coral (Union) – November 5th

Dorr (Woodstock) – October 29th

Marengo – November 12th

Nunda (Northern Crystal Lake & Southern McHenry, Island Lake, Prairie Grove) – November 15th

Grafton and Algonquin Township’s assessments have not been published yet.

Many people appeal their own assessments.

Other hire attorneys.

Those appealing find 5 comparable houses with recent sales that show prices less than the fair market value of their homes and ask to be assessed comparably.  Sales listings can be found here.  They can be found in any township.

Appeal forms are here.

The Supervisor of Assessments explains the appeal process here.

Appeals this year will affect next year’s real estate tax bills.

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