Message of the Day – A License Plate


says the license plate on the delivery vehicle owned by Cartridge World.

I found this vehicle in the Crystal Lake Plaza while buying refilled ink jet cartidges.

How fitting for an ink jet refilling business saving customers from Hewlett Packard’s rapacious replacement ink prices.

Cartridge World has a sign for the Democratic Party candidate for State Representative, a customer. If Mike Tryon, also a customer, stops by, there will be one for him, too.

And, as a bonus, I asked the owner why he was displaying a Robert Kaempfe for State Representative sign.

“He does business here,” was the reply. “So does Mike Tryon.”

He told Bob that Mike asked to post a sign that he would do so.


Message of the Day – A License Plate — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Cal, with all the controversy, if anyone’s wondering about County Board candidate Diane Evertsen, and the organization she lead, the Minutemen Midwest, they can check out the group for themselves! Not all Minutemen organizations are the same, so you need to judge Diane for HER words and actions, and not her relationships to others. Go to this link to see for yourself the kind of bold articles she published on the domain she and her husband personally own (public record.)

    You’ll see that Diane is the ONLY candidate willing to publish advocacy articles against LEGAL immigration as well as illegal, point out that these “third world” immigrants can never assimilate and that you can’t be an American if you don’t have the right BLOOD!

    “An invasion is taking place. Whether by means of legal or illegal immigration, the third-world hordes are invading the first world, and they are taking no prisoners. If this is not stopped now, America within one generation will be a third-world sewer.” Don’t take my word, you’ve got to read the whole article for yourself!

    “Americans have been duped by the left-wing notion of a “proposition nation” and by myths about third-world assimilation, neither of which will occur. Historically, nations have been built upon blood and soil, kith and kin, ancestral rites, and genealogical ties. A real nation is but an extension of a tribe, and this realization should be shared by all traditionalists, conservatives, paleolibertarians, patriotic liberals, union democrats, and moderates. The “creedal nation” (one only has to believe in propositions to be a good citizen) is a lie; it is but a Trojan horse to implement the third-world invasion of America.”

    Diane is the only candidate that understands that this kind of article is not only appropriate but necessary, and is willing to host it on her own server and publish it to a domain she owns!

    But don’t just judge her by her ACTIONS, judge her by her own words!

    She’s the only candidate that will publicly refer to the “Mexican brain-drain populous” and call the middle finger the “Mexican salute to Americans.” She understands, “it’s just their *culture*.”

    Don’t take anyone’s word for it, before you vote in district 6, make sure you find out for YOURSELF about the real Diane!

  2. Cal, she led this group and published this fine information source for at least 4 years–why doesn’t she even mention it on her candidate site?

    Here’s another fine example, this time posted as an opinion of the MMMW, in which it’s explained why “Obama is not the first African American President” because he’s a “half-breed.”
    In this article, the MMMW also points out that they have done some considerable research into the racial background, including that of “melungeons.” I bet no other candidate has taken the time to do that kind of important research!

    Cal, she must not have had room on her candidate web page to mention her leadership with this fine group! Can you help her get this info public on your blog?

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