Blue Cross Hikes Rates to Small Business — 1 Comment

  1. do your research, Cal. BCBS increases for small businesses typically exceeded 30% in the prior 3 years on average, and

    I love that posting ONE company’s bill, out of context, is supposed to be valid investigative journalism? You are aware of Anthem BCBS’s increases for the entire state of California last year, prior to the Health Reform bill? It made the real news, and the increases were over 35%

    There are also plenty of studies regarding this year’s health insurance premiums. The primary reason for increases are NOT Health Care reform – it is due to an aging workforce (less retire during a recession).

    Are you like those Tea Partiers who complain about “socialize medicine” on the one hand, while also protesting any changes to medicare (and somehow not grasping the irony in that)

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