Bill Brady Makes Pitch in Crystal Lake – Part 2

Yesterday, the first part of Republican Governor candidate Bill Brady’s Crystal Lake speech was laid out.

Noting that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll last week showed him ahead of Quinn (44-40-8 for others), Brady covered a wide range of subjects.

His next subject was education.

“Choice” was the word.

An end to the limit on charter schools, plus support of Senator James Meeks’ bill to provide vouchers to the parents of kids in the worst Chicago schools.

Bill Brady in Crystal Lake where the Pledge of Allegiance started the meeting.

This is the bill that McHenry County Democrat Jack Franks refused to support, following his teacher union contributor wishes, costing taxpayers $240 million a year, as well as depriving poor inner city children of any chance at a decent education.

Brady talked of the potential of retiring House Speaker Michael Madigan [the defeat of Franks would assist, I would note].

But, “It can’t be done based on what we’ve done (so far). At least 25% of the people you run into won’t vote unless you ask them to.”

Brady also came out for reapportioning legislative districts by an independent body.

He said his Transition Process will be transparent, allowing those interested to provide input through the internet.

Public employee pensions was a lively subject. Brady said the people who have receive them should continue to receive them.

Prospectively, he proposed moving to adoption of a Social Security-401(k) type plan. (I didn’t catch the comments on transition.)

Bill Brady

Local governments should have the same option, he added.

Moving into a question and answer format, the Bloomington Republican criticized the power of the Illinois Education Association.

“I think that’s one of the biggest problems we have,” he said, “public service unions.”

He noted that they were writing large checks to opponent Pat Quinn.

A question brought the revelation that Brady had found rank and file union members were bothered at the unsustainability of the current pension system as well.

“We have to take back control.”

Brady talked of amending the legislative section of the Illinois State Constitution. He said he would be supporting a petition effort for term limits and several other aspects, but, to my disappointment, did not include term limits for legislative leaders.

More tomorrow.

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