Bill Brady Makes Pitch in Crystal Lake – Part 3

Tina Hill asks the trust question.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady visited Crystal Lake Saturday morning. Part 1 and Part 2 of McHenry County Blog’s coverage appeared Saturday and Sunday.

During the question period McHenry County Board member Tina Hill, dressed to campaign in the rain, told how she was trying to reassure people that he could be trusted.

She added,

“If you screw up, I don’t want it on me.”

Bill Brady

Expressing his usual good humor, Brady replied,

“In Illinois you can (never tell).

“You kind of have to take a leap of faith.”

He asked to be given the opportunity to show he is trustworthy.

“Pat Quinn has proven he isn’t that,”

Brady spointed to how a state vendor, the African American Transport Association, had scheduled a press conference to denounce Quinn for not having paid its bill, but that ABC News had reported that, right before the press conference, Quinn had promised payment within ten days. The press conference was cancelled.

Allusions of “pay to play” were made.

The income tax hike came up again. Brady mentioned the threat of a 5% income tax rate:

“We’d lose more than we’d gain.”

With regard to the minimum wage, Brady said his position was to keep the state minimum wage where it was until the Federal minimum wage caught up.

Jennifer Allare asked about the real estate tax, pointing out all the pension lines had gone up.

“We can’t over promise and underdeliver.”

He promised those who were owed money that it would be paid off “in two-three years.”

Asked specifically about the Pat Quinn ad attacking him about voting against mammograms, Brady pulled a couple of sheets of paper out of his coat pocket and read off the times he had voted for related items.

He explained that his “No” vote was against “a Christmas tree bill with a ton of mandates in it which would have practically doubled (insurance) premiums.”

Further commenting on the negative ads which are being hurled at him, Brady explained that “by dragging down character,” Quinn is following the example of ex-NJ Gov. Jon Corzine. The NJ Democrat was beaten by Republican Chris Christie, whose budget cutting measures in a state with a revenue structure similar to Illinois might provide a template for Brady.

More tomorrow.

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