District 155 Tightens Cash Handling

Ex-South High School Athletic Director James Sturgis

McHenry County Blog asked what had been done with regard to preventing employee thefts after the arrest of the South High School Athletic Director James K. Stuglis,

The cover letter explains that my requests was being granted and denied in part.

“We have redacted information related

  • to cash handling practices relative to security measures where publicly revealing such information would jeopardize the effectiveness of the measures or the safety of the personnel who implement them or the public [Section 7(1)(v)], and
  • valuable formulae where disclosure could reasonably be expected to produce public loss [Section 7(1) (i)], and
  • private information as defined as personal financial information or access codes [Section 7(1)(b) as defined in 7(2)(C-5)].

“The District has withheld additional documents exempt as communications between a public body and an auditor representing the public body that would not be subject to discovery in litigation, and materials prepared or compiled with respect to internal audits of public bodies [Section 7(1)(m)].

Sounds reasonable.

The District Operations Committee, consisting of Randy Davis, Joe Cole, Jeff Carr, Jeff Puma, Steve Dunk, Lorena Gorey and Mark Kovack, held its first meeting on the subject on June 10th.
Cafeteria payments were discussed with emphasis on the Point of Sale payment cards and their potential expansion for use at the bookstore and for prom/dance tickets.

On August 12th the District Leadership Team, composed of Jill Hawk, John Lutsch, Jay Sargeant, Steve Olson, Marsha Potthoff, Paul Humpa, Steve Koch, George DiVenere, Randy Davis, Mark Kovack, and Jeff Puma met. Point of Sale cards were discussed as we allowing students to use cash to buy lunches.

July 27th the following email was sent:

An August 20th Vice Principals meeting discussed cash handling. Procedures you see below were apparently passed out at the meeting, as was the Cash Receipts reporting sheet seen below. (Click to enlarge any image.)

September 9th the Operations Committee met again and discussion is summarized below:

= = = = = =
Here is the answer from District 155 to the question in the comment below:

Thank you for the follow-up question. All four District 155 schools use a double ticket for performances. Because plays and musicals generally use assigned seats, the ticket-takers do not always tear the ticket for performances where the system provides back-up of how many tickets were sold. For general admission events the schools do tear the ticket and use the “audit stub” to get an accurate count.


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