Bill Brady Makes Pitch in Crystal Lake – Part 4

Vicki O'Donnell asked about linking drug tests to public assistance.

This is the final installment about GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady’s visit to Crystal Lake Saturday morning at the American Community Bank. Here are the links to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Local business owner Vickie O’Donnell brought up a subject not often broached at public meetings.

Pointing out all the drug testing by employers, she asked why there are not drug tests for recipients of public assistance.

Within Brady’s answer was that one state had cross-checked those on public aid with those having high priced cars registered.

Another audience member asked “the story behind ‘Bill Brady didn’t pay taxes.’”

Brady talked about the family home building firm, “one of the 20% of home builders still in business in Illinois.”

Bill Brady makes a point in Crystal Lake.

He related that it had built 200 homes in 2006 and 100 in 2010.

“We kept people on the payroll who had helped us make money (during the good times),” he explained.

“We had no taxable income,” he explained, pointing to the Chicago Tribune’s statement that he had paid all he owed.

Brady talked about how Democrat Pat Quinn can’t win on the issues. He specifically pointed out Quinn’s support of income tax hikes and his own opposition.

“I didn’t get the Chicago Sun-Times encorsement because they want a tax hike,” he explained. Same with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

He asked that people interested in his side of the negative ads to go to his web site, Brady for Illinois for clarification.

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