GOP Plans Newspaper Insert

This Sunday, the McHenry County Republican Party will have an insert. It will feature GOP candidates on the ballot with little biographies and photos for each.

Since a lot of people don’t subscribe to local daily papers anymore, I thought I’d let you see the piece without having to pay for it.

Today, take a look at the front and back pages of the 8-page tabloid (click to enlarge):

The cover is devoted to a picture of Bill Brady and his wife.

The back page has three judges on the ballot:

  • 22nd Judicial Circuit Candidate Gordon Graham
  • 2nd Appellate Court Justice candidate Mary Schostok
  • 2nd Appellate Court Justice candidate Ann Jorgensen

Remember to make the print large enough to read, just click on the image.

There’s even an offer of a ride to the polls. The number to call is 815-444-7115.

You can get it over with by voting early through Friday afternoon.


GOP Plans Newspaper Insert — 2 Comments

  1. I noticed the local boy got more ad space than the appellate court judges. I also remember that his campaign said Wiggins had no experience until she listed all of her courts and the campaign went quiet on experience. The Wiggins announced she was holding open houses and Suddenly the Judge hold an open house. Now he is not pushing the support from the local attorneys but pushing up is experience resume.
    The Wiggins camp should send him a bill for marketing and consulting ideas.

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