John Jung Reports County Board Campaign Financing

Woodstock’s John Jung started out with $1,856.95 in the bank.

His only revenue was a $742 loan from himself.

And, that’s all the information that his campaign disclosure report offers, but a good guess would be that he sprung for the printing of the palm card I found near the proposed Lakewood SportsPlex.

John Jung campaign piece hangs on the mailbox on Hamilton Road near the Dorr-Grafton Township line.

Signs for Jung and Green Party candidate Frank Wedig can be seen throughout the area.

Both incjumbents Tina Hill (R-Woodstock) and Jim Kennedy (D-LITH) voted to approve the Federal Stimulus Package bonds that would provide bridge financing for the Lakewood SportsPlex.


John Jung Reports County Board Campaign Financing — 3 Comments

  1. Campaign lit on a mailbox? Violation of federal law, isn’t it, Cal?

  2. Isn’t that illegal to put literature, of any kind, ON or IN USPS mail boxes? I wonder if he’ll get a nasty e mail from the USPS.

  3. Patrick, an email from USPS? Good one! They will probably fly a SWAT Team in from Washington, rent black SUVs with darkened windows, and surround John’s house and headquarters; then take him away in handcuffs. And then claim that USPS expenses have increased and that they really do need the increase in postage rates that was recently denied.

    And they will probably request “assistance” from the Sheriff’s Department, which will want to “cooperate” with the almost-Feds, so that they can have something else to brag about.

    Better get outa Dodge, John.

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