A Little High, a Little Low – Part 2

Jack Franks brags he stands up to special interests. Well, not all of them.

The next mailing from Democrat Jack Franks touts his ability to “stand up to special interests and the COURAGE to vote against EVERY job-killing tax and fee increase.”

Too bad he didn’t have the courage to stand up for Chicago kids in the twenty worst schools and save the taxpayers $240 million a year in the process.

He caved to the teacher unions on that vote.

For longer than Jack Franks has been alive, Chicago’s underprivileged kids have been getting rotten educations. This was a chance, championed by State Senator James Meeks, to see if a different approach–giving vouchers to the parents of such students–would result in a better education.

But Franks didn’t have the courage to buck the teacher unions.

How sad.

Jack Franks brags that he stands up to special interests, but he caved when teacher unions opposed a bill to help inner city kids get a better education. James Meeks' proposal would have saved taxpayers $240 million a year, but Franks still voted, "No."

On the other side of the mailing Franks says he “is there to stop party leaders every time they try to pass job-killing tax and fee increase,” repeating the pitch on the address side.

Jack Franks says he against tax hikes, but refused to vote for a bill that would save $240 million a year and given poor kids in Chicago a shot at a decent education.

But he has voted for the same Boss Mike Madigan six times and refuses to tell people if he will do so next January, if re-elected.

So, why does Franks continue to support “the tax-and-spend politicians who have failed us ,” to put it in his mailer’s words?

All the time he wants people to think he is an independent, when he knows the only Independent on the ballot is a candidate for judge, Sally Wiggins.

Now let’s move on to the mailing sent by a secret group of Jack Franks supporters.  A hatchet job on Franks’ homeschooling Republican challenger, John O’Neill.

This smear piece hit mail boxes Thursday. I don't know about you, but the quotes from the two Heralds appear to be from letters to the editor from Jack Franks supporters.

The outfit whose name is at the bottom of the post card is “McHenry County Committee for Qualified Candidates (MCQC)”

I checked with both the Illinois State Board of Elections and the McHenry County Clerk and no such entity has filed as a political action committee.

So if anyone is in trouble with the State Board of Elections, it’s this anonymous “pop-up” committee.

This side is filled with slurs and outright falsehoods.

When homeschool Dad John O’Neill ran for the McHenry Grade School Board the same tripe was trotted out by the candidate who lost the race for the board.   Homeschoolers, of course, save school districts money, not to mention allow the parents to inculcate their own values. (There were no incumbents in that race.)

The board which “Mismanaged school system (sic) by authorizing substantial pay raises without the funds to pay them” was the McHenry High School District #156 board, not the McHenry Elementary School District #15 board which O’Neill is a member of. Contrary to what is said next to the heading “Math,” O’Neill bears absolutely no responsibility for the excessive raises.

So who wrote this piece deserves a big “L”for LYING.

As far as the Board of Elections complaint goes, I wrote about that Wednesday.  The Franks supporter (yes, I know it was filed by a Franks supporter and will show evidence this weekend) didn’t even show up for the hearing in Chicago.  Gail Wood told the State Board she went to China, but gave less than twenty-four hours notice of her refusal to defend her spurious charge.

If there is some other problem with O’Neill’s campaign finance reporting, the State Board has not contacted him about it, he tells me.

If you wonder what was in the robo-call, read this article.  It refers to Jack Franks having asked for positions from Rod Blagojevich, the man Franks later turned on, but still supported for re-election, as far as anyone knows.

The memo from Franks to Blagojevich’s patronage office can be seen below:

Jack Franks patronage request to Rod Blagojevich.

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Part 1 of this series can be found here.


A Little High, a Little Low – Part 2 — 7 Comments

  1. Talk about a Hypocrite…..Jack Franks tells McHenry County conservative voters what they want to hear….Then, goes out and gets into bed with all sorts of entities such as Casino Corporations….

    Didn’t Franks vote against the Illinois License Plate program that was going to sponor children as a Specialty Plate? Didn’t Franks say he was against McHenry County having Video Poker???

    State Representative Jack “Hot Dog” Franks…….He isn’t for the “Folks!”

    Harrahs Operating Company P O Box 22232
    Tulsa, OK 74121 $300.00
    4/9/2010 Individual Contribution
    Supporters of Jack D Franks

    Harrahs Operating Company P O Box 22232
    Tulsa, OK 74121 $300.00
    9/21/2009 Individual Contribution
    Supporters of Jack D Franks

    Harrahs Operating Company Inc 1023 Cherry Road
    Memphis, TN 38117 $300.00
    4/8/2008 Individual Contribution
    Supporters of Jack D Franks

    I have spent countless hours providing the “Folks” you McHenry County, with well “DOCUMENTED” facts about both Franks and Nygrens activities. Take 15 minutes before election day, and look at the truth!! Its not pretty.

    And, if Mr. O’Neal home schools, good for him. That takes extrodinary dedication. Have you ever thought about safety for your children while in school.

    With the many horrific school killings, I too would home school if I could. That would not mean that I didn’t support the school. Im sure Mr. O’Neal pays his realesate taxes each year.. That is supporting the schools and he is not using the services..

    So in essence, he is already saving the tax payers? So thank you Jack for bringing this to our attention.

    Now Jack, what is your excuse? You don’t support the poor inner city children, you refused to support a special license plate for the kids, and,


    These are serious issues. Isn’t your vote worth 15 minutes of research on Jack Franks….? I urge you to view the truth. Then vote for a Pro Life, conservative isn’t a double faced politician.



  2. As for the ludicrous attack on John O’Neill, whining about how he shouldn’t be home schooling if he’s on the school board, would the “MCQC” insist that someone who didn’t have children should jolly well get some if he wanted to be on the school board?

    One doesn’t need to use the school to be on its board.

    Did these people bother to ask Mr. O’Neill himself about the source of his campaign contributions?

    I’m sure he would have told them.

    This is proof that the Franks campaign is running scared.

  3. Jack Franks is as dirty an individual as any who have walked the halls of Springfield.

    He will do whatever it takes to win, including lie, cheat and steal.

    Jack lied about Perry Moy after goading Perry’s former wife into helping him.

    Jack is lying openly about John O’Neill now.

    Jack cheated the county by telling everyone he is pro life, pro gun, pro education while systematically legislating to support open abortion laws up to the day of birth and not informing parents of their child’s(under the age of 18) desire to have an abortion, legislating against open or conceal carry and legislating against paying the school districts what the state owes them.

    Jack has stolen signs, hired Washington DC lawyers to threaten to steal John O’Neill’s family and money and worked hard to steal as much McHenry County money to send downstate and to Cook County as he can.

    Jack is a nightmare for this county.

    Although he is not the dangerous felon Mahon is he is not the kind of man we need to have pointing the finger at anyone other than himself.

    The People of McHenry County deserve better and they will get it within the person of Mr. O’Neill.

  4. I don’t believe Mr. Mahon has been convicted of any felonies???

    I like a good political fight as much as anybody, but…..??

  5. I mixed messages here Mr. Bachmann and I apologize.

    It diminishes the argument to bring in other arguments.

    To bring up Mahon here was an awful mistake and I apologize.

    I have commented in the Mahon articles about Mahon and I needed to stay on task here about Franks.

    Both are awful people, Franks needed to be the sole target here. Thank you.

  6. The third image in the 2010 article contains another example of the “JF” logo inside of a circle, and the “flag wave” used in the lower leg of the “F”.

    Both Jack Franks political brands.

    Both present at the McHenry County booth at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo on Saturday February 25, 2017 as reported by McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler.


    McHenry County Blog

    Jack Franks Patronage Worker Caught Wearing Campaign Stickers at McHenry Expo Booth for McHenry County Government

    February 26, 2017.


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