Boss Hog Ad Coming in Northwest Herald

The following two-page is scheduled to appear in the Northwest Herald Monday. If the image on your screen is not large enough, click on it and it will get bigger.

The ad is obviously intended to assist someone other than incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren to win the election, but there is no indication of whether Mike Mahon or Gus Philpott is favored by the ad placer.

I have divided the text under the headings into two images for each page.  Click to enlarge.


Boss Hog Ad Coming in Northwest Herald — 24 Comments

  1. Dirty dirty last minute politics by another dirty dirty sick individual in Mahon. Thank you for pointing out one more reason, among the many, to vote against Mahon. Once again, Cal, you are the bird dog of McHenry County and the light shown on hypocrisy.

  2. Hey Priest,
    It’s all true though! It’s kind of hard to argue the truth. By the way, what are the other reasons that people shouldn’t vote for Mahon?

    Is it the fact he has less experience? Oh wait, Mahon does have experience, running a jail, a major factor in the sheriff’s office. When Nygren was elected for the first time, did he have any corrections experience? The jail, in fact, constitutes a larger percentage of man power than the police department.

  3. UN-Informed voter,

    Mike Mahon has never run a jail. He was a low level supervisor in the Cook County jail. Honorable, but hardly running a jail. Nygren has successfuly run a jail in McHenry County quite well for 14 years. Trust the largest percentage of manpower in Sheriff’s Dept with highly successful jail adminstrator Nygren or untested Mahon? Simple choice.

  4. Nygren has been tested and look where that’s gotten McHenry County.

    He’s another crooked politician who’s just filling his pockets and laughing a us all the way to the bank.

    Give Mahon a chance and if you don’t like him vote him out in four years but he the only one with the balls to run against Keith.


    vote out Nygren, and vote for a true leader, MIKE MAHON

  6. (Sigh) I honestly want to have the patience to deal with stupid. Really. I’m trying so hard so I will try once again…

    A man who has worked for 43 years in one profession and has watched his pennies enough to own three properties, wherever they may be, is a man to be respected as a good money manager. To accuse him of being somehow tainted because he owns property is…. Naive.

    Every single time anyone I know has called into the Sheriff’s office Mr. Nygren is either there or he calls back within a few hours. To accuse him of being absentee in any way is an outright lie.

    To annotate Mr. Nygren’s involvement in law suits and expect people to believe this is somehow related to some kind of corruption is an outright lie as any Sheriff across the nation is involved in many law suits by simply doing their job. This has become an accepted part of law enforcement expense, unfortunately, and is the very reason Mr. Nygren has sought CALEA certification… To protect the county from baseless law suits. Until the legislators offer tort reform to put the costs of frivolous law suits on the person who brought it, or the attorney’s license gets put in jeopardy, the law suits are just the cost of doing business.

    Crime, as a percentage of the population, has DROPPED in McHenry County under Mr. Nygren’s leadership. To say it has grown is a function of damaged minds playing dirty politics.

    To post the salaries of anyone in any venue and play the “have’s vs the have not’s” game is also the tool of desperately stupid people who believe the public to be gullible beyond imagination. Mr. Nygren doesn’t negotiate the salaries, the unions and the County Board do this function. If you don’t like the salaries then make this state a “Right to Work” state and the salaries will drop by a third nearly overnight. For now, to complain about these things merely shows, for the fourth or fifth time in one ad, Mr. Mahon is either clueless or a relentlessly awful person who lies. Either path would be terrible but married to the fact Mr. Mahon has proven in the Appellate Court of Illinois he is a liar, a vindictive child and a person who likes to attack women and 15 year old girls, I’m going with “relentlessly awful person who lies”.

    If you think a liar who advertises(quite literally here) his inability to understand the Office of the Sheriff, its duties, how to execute those duties, any fundamental Human Resource good practices, simple human rights or socially acceptable behavior is a good call for candidacy then please continue to extol the lie of Mr. Mahon’s integrity. If you believe the Democratic Party completely dropped the ball in even offering an educated and intelligent public this completely backwards civil and human rights violator then don’t vote for Mr. Mahon.

    I am BEGGING those who support an alternative to the current Sheriff to consider you are ONLY damaging your own credibility to support Mahon. Support Gus. He’s cute, funny and harmless. At the very least the deputies and Undersheriff won’t rebel against him, they’ll just giggle and go to work. No good can come from a criminal from Cook County gaining the Sheriff’s Office. Only the rending of an already damaged McHenry County from scandals in the State’s Attorney’s Office, scandals of poisoning in McCullom Lake and scandals of Mr. Franks( a McHenry County State Senator) violating FEC law. We have enough. We don’t need to invite Mahon to bring further dishonor to our County.

    Stop baiting the bear. Just accept Mahon is a terrible alternative. It is unfortunate. I begged you to find another alternative. You have failed. Accept Mahon is a monstrous person and doesn’t deserve to keep his job in Cook County, let alone be given the opportunity to kill our county and work toward your goals another way. Mr. Seipler is working hard another way(the courts). If you believe in his cause join him. At the very least he is trying hard to be lawful and decent. Mahon has never hidden his temper, his criminal acts or his incompetence. Move on.

  7. This ad will certainly help Nygren.

    People have grown sick of the this type of politics.

    Personal attacks mixed with some good old fashioned class welfare.

    It shows the immaturity level of the Sheriff’s departments critics and is no wonder whoever is launching this immature attack is to embarrassed to claim it.

  8. Priest, I am glad you are so close to Nygren that he accepts your calls or returns them quickly. Why don’t you use your name?

    Tell your story to Lisa Jarva, whose car suffered $5,300 damage in July 2008, when a deputy started a U-turn off the shoulder of Hwy. 12 and struck the side of her car.

    The crash report was falsified by the deputy’s supervising sergeant, and the County won’t pay her claim. Undersheriff Lowery would not order the report corrected, and Sheriff Nygren would not resolve her complaint.

    I guess Experience Counts. When you stonewall complaints and claims, you can wear some people out.

  9. “Whistle while you work.” A happy deputy is a hard-working deputy.

    “cute, funny and harmless”? Well, I don’t recall being called “cute” before, but I’ll accept the “funny”.

    Harmless? I think you are off on that one.

    Thanks for encouraging voters in my direction. That may cost you Nygren’s treat at Dunnhill’s.

  10. WOW !!!! Don’t you just love a SOCIALIST GABFEST…I’ll bet that most of these people love BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA..Mahon is surely a CROOK COUNTY supporter of BARACK’s. I’ll bet he loves Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid too. If your like him and love these people vote for him. If you don’t want this mentality running our jail, vote for Keith..Simple isn’t it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Not being one to blindly accept the rhetoric handed out by either side, has anyone taken a hard look at the basics of this piece?

    The Florida home of Nygren is NOT the one that the “have nots” (Seipler & Bachmann) have previously identified (I won’t blame Mahon for that since I doubt he’s able to conduct an investigation on his own and merely relied on Bachmann).

    It appears to be a totally different house located just south of Nygren’s. Small point?


    If this piece is wrong in something so basic, what other gaffs have been made (intentionally or unintentionally) that Mahon’s camp would like you to swallow hook, line & sinker. November 3rd can’t come soon enough.

  12. Just another voter it’s amazing you know exactly where and how far from other houses nygrens house is.

    I imagine you probably cleaned it for him a few times. The rest of you “can’t handle the truth”.

    Before you blame this one on Mahon, have you concerned many, many people in this county HATE nygren, and some who hate nygren have the money to put out an ad like this.

    If you recheck Mahon’s D-2’s there isn’t enough money to do something like this.

    nygren has, for many years, brutalized plenty of people in this county, it’s probably their way of getting in one last shot. After all EVERTHING, and I mean EVERTHING is completely TRUE.

    Earth Father even your boss(hog) said it at the LOWV debate that Mahon was a “Deputy Chief”

    Hey Just Curious was that your truck out last night stealing the Mahon signs?

    I would have thought with that big nygren sign mounted in the back you wouldn’t have been able to fit anything else in you truck.

    Be careful many people are up at night.

  13. Patrick… all anyone has to do to “verify” is to use Google Earth along with this campaign piece and previously published photos of the house from either the blog site of the discredited Zane or certifiable nut job Bachmann and compare. I believe, based on that, that this is the wrong house. The driveway was the tip off that made me look twice. With an accounting background, I notice little details like that. It was merely curiosity that lead me to the conclusion that whoever prepared this piece of garbage was not very careful. I’ve never been to Coral Gables but the internet is a wonderful tool for fact checking. It’s also a tool that makes idiots who have an agenda or lack of education and logic skills look like, well, “tools.”

    As for your statements about Mahon’s D-2’s, they certainly don’t reflect enough cash now. Will they ever? Or will in-kind contributions like the super secret remote video system set up to protect all his signs just be ignored? (Speaking of which, you meant you can’t identify the sign thief with all your high tech goodies that have thus far gone unreported?) That will be a question for the State Board of Elections after the final reporting (win or lose) that Mr Mahon can answer. Either it will show up and be laid to rest or missing and show Mahon to be a liar or perjurer (those reports are filed under oath, aren’t they?)

    My feeling is that, in the grand tradition of Cook County politics, the answer is “we don’t need no “steenking” integrity!” Which is good since Mahon has none to spare.

  14. As far as a perjury and lying go we can all take lessons from nygren.

    I can’t believe you talk about others not having integrity.

    nygren doesn’t know the word let alone the concept, even exist.

    And yes the state board of elections, I’m sure when you call them, will look into the Mahon accounting but I doubt they find any impropriety.

    I’m sure nygren will go to jail before Mahon does.

    After all there isn’t a Illinois State Police corruption investigation on Mahon.

    Mahon has lived out here for 14 years when does he become a citizen of McHenry County and not Cook County?

    Will everyone who lives out here, raises their children out here, spends their money out here but came from Chicago, forever be known as a crook county resident?

  15. Just as you said “whoever prepared this piece” As I said there are many who can’t stand nygren. And many who will take a last shot at nygren. So before you start finger pointing you might want to make sure who you’re gonna point fingers at.

    Tools are also used by accounts. My accountant make sure of all the information he gets before he applies his knoldge to his trade. I guess maybe your one of those accountants who puts his numbers in first then tries to make them work.


    Thank you for thinking of me, but no…. I have in fact, shown the correct house. Go to the address above and see. Again, Nygrenites have the fact wrong.

    I dont make errors in my work…….I busted Nygren’s on their tax fraud last October, 2009. Im WAY ahead and have been. You’re all just playing catch up.

    As you will soon be finding out….!

    And its not “Coral Gables” pendejo, its “CAPE CORAL.”

    Although you said you just went to Google earth and found Nygres home, you Still dont have the intelectual wherewithall to know what coast you were looking at.

    Cape Coral, west coast of FLorida, Coral Gables, east coast near Miami.

    Im glad I could again assist a Nygren person find the TRUTH….

    Cause whats comin your way…. Oh BOY… the election is the least of your troubles!!

    Adios y gracias!

  17. oh one more thing. My “have not” life, invites all McHenry County voters to come visit me at my mental institution for the have nots, here is where you can find my ‘have not’ life. it’s a tough life… now off I must go..I have an appointment at the ‘spa!”

    Im finished with the election part of all this. Tick Tock.

  18. It looks like spectator was trying to say that you did have the right place.

    It’s kinda funny though that you choose to tell us that you’re living in the lap of luxury out in Eagle Ridge.

    That’s your style though isn’t it.

    Now tell everyone about how you manage to do that after a bankruptcy, a number of lawsuits over your bad debts, taking off from Hebron and leaving the seller/victim of your home there holding the bag when foreclosure hit.

    How old are you and how long will your poor family have to carry you?

    You don’t work, you don’t own property, you leech off your family and friends.

    Are you sure your not a democrat?

  19. Pinching his pennies?? Hahahahahahaha!!! That is a good one! DId you actually type that with a straight face? The BS trail never ends does it? I would pity you if you were not such a stain on humanity. The whole bunch of you are a disgrace to this county.

  20. I hope Mahon remembers to “thank” his “would be” undersheriff, McNamara, for this hit piece.

    I’m sure he’ll remember it as the word on the street, now that the “common folk” are reading it, is probably more than Nygren could possibly have hoped for. What I’m hearing is that this is the worst piece of garbage folks have seen. When I tried to temper it with.. “well, it’s just election crap and from a Cook Co democrat as well” I was told this hits a new low even for them.

    Just sayin’

  21. The latest Boss Hog piece is really a work of art!

    I think most people will see through this as a very insecure individual’s last ditch effort to win or show contempt; implying voters in McHenry COunty are incompitant idiots who don’t know how to read between the lines.

    If you were there at the last debate, all three candidates were asked the same question about comminity involvement.

    Mahon’s began his reply by saying, “Unfortunately I have four children who take my time”… Unfortunately, what does he mean by that? Unfortunately? How does his wife feel about a comment like that? Didn’t he have something to do with how they got here? Doesn’t he want them anymore? Will he later say a few years down the road, “Unfortunately, I ran for Sheriff, but I unfortunately don’t want to do it anymore because my children take more time”.

    I have seen some pretty low tactics nationwide; finger pointing, mud slinging, character assassinations, but this is so low, most comedians would pass up this type of ad, for fear of insulting the audiece’s intelligence!

    I, unfortunately my grandson that lived only nine months. Unfortunately his condition was beyond medical treatment. Unfortunately we lost a loved one. Now that’s the correct context use of the word ‘unfortunately’!
    If McHenry County is filled with the Good Ole Boy Network, then Cook County and the City of Chicago must be the international capitol of primodial life rising from the pond scum along the shoreline of the rivers feeding into Lake Michigan

  22. One other thing about the Boss Hog ad…

    Even the Dukes themselves would not go this low! We live north of Interstate I-80, where thare are more than 10 known last names in a phonebook.

    While the Boss Hog ad was humorous and very entertaining, you have just caused my ‘swing vote’ to go to Nygren.

    By the way, just as a ‘Joe Citizen’, quite a few of the names listed in the ‘annual employees salary list’ have either retired fom the sheriff’s department, or have been promoted.

    So, if you cannot even compile last minute public information accurately, or rely on your ‘in-house informants’ for reliable tips, gossip and or facts, then how can you run an office of this magnatude?

    Yes, this county is smaller than Cook County Corretions and Cook County Sheriff’s Police, but you’re relying on the wrong souces of information.

    Mahon shows lack of credability, thinking on your feet and adult maturity. No one wants a staff of writers working for a stand-up comedian who wants to be a Sheriff.

    And, the next time you go into a debate, stop looking in your lap; looking at your cell phone or palm pilot, as your team texts messages and responces for you to make.

    Talk about the current use of ‘tele-promtors’.

    I can just imagine how you’d deal with ‘off of the cuff comments’ to the press, deputies, co-workers, or people like me.

    They ask the questions, you look down at your cell phone for a miraculous reply.

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