Conservative Blogger, WLS Radio Show Host Tom Roeser Endorses Libertarian Julie Fox

Former Quaker Oats lobbyist, now blogger and Sunday night WLS-Radio talk show host, Tom Roeser is endorsing Libertarian Julie Fox for State Comptroller.

Julie Fox

Julie was one of my running mates when I ran on the Libertarian Party ticker to Governor against Rod Blagojevich in 2002. She led the ticket, almost getting 5% of the vote.

One thing about Julie that is important for the office of State Comptroller. She is a CPA and actually qualified to hold the office.

Imagine that.

Roeser is still plenty worked up about Judy Baar Topinka’s role in convincing U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald from running for re-election. Fitzgerald, of course, picked Patrick Fitzgerald (no relation) to be our U.S. Attorney.

Roeser’s logic for supporting Dundee’s Julie Fox follows:

FOR CONTROLLER—JULIE FOX (Libertarian Party). She’s a very bright CPA without a partisan axe to grind who passionately believes in latch-key abstemious government leading to a consolidation for efficiency of Treasurer and Controller.

Far preferable to the Republican candidate, Judy Baar Topinka, an old warhorse longtime pro-abort Catholic who is a regular rider in the Gay Pride parades blowing wet kisses to the crowds…who has been on the public payroll since 1980, having served with maximum pragmatism in the state House, state Senate, State Treasurer and now…because she can’t stand to miss a payday from the taxpayers, board member of the RTA.

Topinka is noted for refusing as State Republican Chairman to support Sen. Peter Fitzgerald when he was determining whether or not to run for a second term—her failure to do so being a stunning departure from tradition and clear notice that she was opposed to his signal efforts to make the party responsible by bringing in reform U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (no relation).

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