Mark Kirk and President Obama Call

This evening when I was out buying milk, Mark Kirk called. At least that’s what my wife told me.

Teens in McHenry were raising money at a Fun Fair for UNICEF.

It reminded me of the McHenry West High School’s Fun Fair.

One of the entertainment stops was manned by this Key Club member.

It was sponsored by the school’s Key Club, the Student Council and the Honor Society, I was told by the Key Club’s sponsor.

Outside was a dunk tank.  I guessed the water was about 60 degrees, but the wind was blowing.

I struck up a conversation with the teacher in the tank.  It was Mrs. Willemarck.  She was holding down a double shift and insisted it seemed warmer when she got out of the water.

Ducker Middle School Teacher Mrs. Willemarck prepares to hit the water.

We got to talking politics. Imagine that!

She said she had been called three times by President Obama.

“Did he say he was ‘President Obama?'” I asked.

She said he used his title and the first call was taken by her eleven-year old son. He thought it really was the President on the phone.

“Mom, the President is calling!”

Mrs. Willemarck told me he wouldn’t answer any questions.

I told her I had had the same experience when politicians had called me before the primary election.

I don’t imagine Mark Kirk would have answered my questions either if I had been home to take his call.

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